Thursday, 30 August 2012

BBMix Bar Event Pictures

Credits : AMAY丶劉玲妹,Albee-cat & Cherry-梓贤's Weibo

BBMix Bar Pictures

Credits : LEUNGBIN,MASSIECHAN,_陈旖,VIAN妹,-Lovely---baby-,醬紫Lingling, BB-MIX-马聪,Wen_bread,_阿贤_,2In-晴孓,花都BB-MIX酒吧,X-XIAOWEN,Bernice_小碧,我是Da頭妹,张楠Janet & single梁健鸿's Weibo
Personal Notes : Recently he has many bar shows....and many pictures to be update !! XD

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Another session in Jiang Nan Lu Hui Dong Xian,Huizhou,Guangdong,China

Party 929 Bar,7 September,Boy'z --- 友你歌迷会 started !The fans of Boy'z can go and see !7 September,fans of Boy'z will be very exciting !Follow up stories, please pay attention to the Party 929 Bar official Weibo !

Credits : party929酒吧's Weibo
Personal Notes : Wow,in around two weeks,they attend 4 events O.o

Wonderland Club's Event's Pictures

Credits : 青春是用来挥霍的丶 & WAUFONG_Ger's Weibo

Serious and cute Xiao Zhen Zhen

Credits : 电视剧追鱼传奇's Weibo
Personal Notes : I personally like the blue one...kinda cute...

Kenny @ Wonderland Club

Credits : Miss_Cila,侯佳玉瑩n_n,cho1小葵,ELEVEN-PAN-,黄穗黄穗bbb,JC-YE城,
 _丁敏仪,刘小NAna,-Miss木,QueenieVi,Hytp-zzzz,曬到阿妈都唔认得嘅一舊碳,DJ-MoonX,DJTreryHo,Wonderland-Club & 文彬benic's Weibo
Personal Notes : Wow,so many many fans,I wish I was there...