Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Standard Chartered Marathon 2013 Updated Picture

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追鱼传奇 Updated Pictures

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追鱼传奇 Official Banners

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Monday, 25 February 2013


Go We Chat and foolow eegmusichk,then type your favourite artist and you'll get their wallpaper !

Small Anouncement

Hey guys,I believe you see me post something that had already been seen like a few days ago at other websites right ?Sorry,I'll be delaying a bit of my work.I know it's abit troublesome here.I'm very busy these days.And I'm having an exam next week,then I didn't get enough sleep.

So,everything might be delay one to two days,sorry for giving so many accuse !

Steven was mistaken Kenny running full marathon that came off man tears

EEG's singers,Sherman Chung,Kenny Kwan,Steven Cheung,Kathy Yuen and other attend different levels of marathon,five years ago,Steven challenge the full marathon and come to grief,he said "That time,I went to the bus,so hot !"He said he ran til half then leg pain,thanks to 譚俊彥 and others for supporting : "But there are many people called me Kenny !"He past by the place he ran that time "失敗之地",Western Habour Crossing touched him,more at the end of the line waiting for his singer friends hugged and wept !The second year of the competition's Kenny also praised Steven perseverance,significant the media persuade Kenny's rumor close friend ran for the marathon.

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Kathy Yuen and Kenny Kwan break their record

EEG's singer Sherman Chung,Kathy Yuen and Kenny Kwan attended 10km marathon,Kathy and Kenny break their own record,Kenny laughed and said : "Many the more bigger,the more fit,always train my legs,man has benefits !"

As for Sherman on big groan scores affect many people and injuries,is it because of supporting Steven Cheung ?Sherman said :I sent all the supporting message to all my friends who run for it !"

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

During the pratice

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Standard Chartered Marathon 2013 Updated Pictures

Credits : kennyjr,yuenkaka,kittycheang,dicksonyip's Instagram and Kathy Yuen's Weibo
Personal Notes : I just realise their muscle is getting bigger XD

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Their long-distance running sub final sprint

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on Sunday Department belive that everyone is ready for that day.This time "萌星动起来'' treadmill is together,must done the full marathon,half marathon and 10k.Boyz and Deep Ng participated on it,one person one journey,on Sunday,if you see them remember to say Hi !

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Boyz and Deep Ng done their preparation for long distance run

Standard Charted Hong Kong Kong Marathon is held on the coming 24.This time "太阳体育" found three singer Kenny Kwan,Steven Cheung and Closer member,Deep Ng to share the preocess of it.They will participate in the full marathon,half marathon,if you want anyone of them during the process,remember to support them !The three singers are a frequent visitor to the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, which Steven will challenge the limit to participate in the full marathon : "In fact, I've ran a marathon last a few years ago, the results ran more than 30 kilometers to go to the Western Harbour Crossing then stop the half marathon,the target time is four hours !"Ah Deep will participated in the half marathon, has been keep live running that he believes finished the race without difficulty : "Diligent practice for this game, almost time to run up and fall on the family survive several hills near usually are after waking up before the start of construction, set aside time to practice running, call it a day after not practicing, because call it a day after it was too tired."

As for Kenny, played in the most short-distance 10 km, but due to the short distance, the requirements are also higher : "I hope to complete it within 1 hour, I know that the largest number of people participate in 10K, wants to build a good result while alsoo feel the festive atmosphere of the running event."

Coach Mr.Yeung become the leader of it

This long-distance running for three runners as mentors players, is 10 kilometers runner up before the session of the Standard Chartered Marathon runner-up Mr.Yeung,a 25-year-old man,has devoted himself to social work, sales professional running sports goods, tailor-made ​​for the customer the right long-distance running equipment, the three singers tailor-made, choreography respective from the pre-game warm-up exercises, to help them achieved good results.This year for the first time to challenge the full marathon will put more on the lead member ran clothing, Blind Sports Federation of long-distance running champion Leung Xiao Wei as a leader is very meaningful.

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Sniper Attack 2013 SDUD Crew Dinner

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

群星型聚賀新春 Event Pictures

Credits : Winncy_0618's Weibo
Personal Notes : Personally,I did like to thank my friend Winncy who help me to take these few great pictures and finally,yay,and a bit LOL,there's Boyz Msia FC logo,hehe,perfect pictures XD

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day,have a great day with your another half,family and friends XD

Steven Cheung and Sherman made a cupcake that look alike

To celebrate Valentines Day,Leo Ku,Steven Cheung,Sherman Chung,Alex Hung and others concocted cupcake together.Steven and Sherman's cupcake look alike.

Credits : On.CC