Sunday, 29 April 2012

Steven Cheung challenge his throwing addiction

EEG artist,Steven Cheung addicated to the speechmsing, dance and run,the original is also "throwing" the past two months, Steven fell in love with throwing dart, and often go hand in hand with the TV female artist Pancy Chan. Steven does not deny that this thing of throwing darts, and often I do not decent feeling, he said: "because people used to go throwing dart generous place, usually the department of bar, go degree they smoke and wine, like very good health Zo a lot more" People are, in fact, in recent years "(dart local practice), evolved to the activities of the department of a health generous, god places well smoke well wine,sometime reminisced with friends, so have become more popular."

Steven also said that the men and women together to play sport is not that much, he said: "throwing darts, anyone can participate in, also will be physical contact. I learn to live keep in accordance with the home within two months, only the Department 4th play, although it did not go to dart one, but really throwing addictive, because each dart throwing both the department of a challenge, you can train yourself to focus, concentrate power with the practicing hand, then vigorously throwing in the goal, the department of talk about skills, talk about feeling the same strategy. "

Dart ProspectiveTips

Steven Cheung said a dart throwing dart tool the most basic, including the young master, body dart, dart, rod, and dart wing, He said the price of the dart body level there are more expensive, he said: "the price of dart body from 200-2000 yuan has , it is best to have buried a dart bag put on the sun for throwing dart supplies, then is much more convenient. "it comes to throwing dart techniques, he said:" The basic system point of standing foot will more than borderline, I according to haven't good and stable home, still need to find a tight own generous "killer bit, so to redouble their training."

Venue: Pro Darts @ Mong Kok

Credits : On.CC

追鱼传奇 Opening Ceremony

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追鱼传奇 Clothes

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Personal Notes : Don't you think he looks like the teacher in ancient days ??Anyway,I love his look and pose !!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Leaving Hong Kong to Beijing ??

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The Legend of Swordman Episode 23

The Main Cast

The main character is finally confirm, starring Zhao Li Ying,Dai Jiao Qian and Kenny Kwan.Hope 追鱼传奇 be able to start their ceremony on April 29[tommorow] in the Long March Exhibition City Xiangjiang River pier. Produced by the fresh and sweet cure Zhao Li Ying appeared side by side Dai Jiao Qian, department of girls, idols Kenny Kwan,come and join us and interpretation of Simon between love and hate entangled, the heroic and moving love story. Stay tuned !

Credits : 追鱼传奇吧 & 电视剧追鱼传奇's Weibo
Personal Notes : Back to Beijing ??Cold again ??Suffer again ??Take care Kenny !

Friday, 27 April 2012

New banner !!

New Banner
Previous Banner

Personal Notes : Yeah,you could see it's still a simple banner,anyway,I did like to change and the past banner was showned here.But the new one was better than the past one,just in my opinion....and it sure looks like the few post up on The Legend of Swordman episode 25....

The Legend of Swordman Episode 22

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