Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Steven Cheung transfer a message that he love Sherman Chung : Energizer silly !

Steven (right) in Europe to do the music Evangelistic admitted hate dating.
Although Steven's message Energizer boring, but Sherman Chung not categorically refused to pursue.
Yesterday, there was the reader rebellion Boy'z member,Steven Cheung= through Instagram to Sherman Chung =to marry him, the newspaper found that Steven blew miss a a message: "I Fen wake up, you do bear baa? I tangle you, you have tangle me ah? "Although the notes had no girlfriend, but frankly hate dating and do not rule out the flash marriage fans are estimated to Sherman is his partner.
In Europe to do the music Evangelistic Steven said : Paris Department is a good romantic generous local Fen wake up personal feelings gel.I really want to get married really want to get married, but haven't in accordance with the family, girlfriend,Jesus arrangements for drainage will give me a best generous. "Sherman admitted that with Steven message:" Jin silly! Do not know give me a side drainage write, Mao with me to marry him. "Sherman, feel each other to pursue two just caring friend, asked whether it will give a chance by Steven? She said: "Do not know o frame! Drainage chase the first count."

Credits : On.CC

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