Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Steven Cheung publicly said want to marry Sherman Chung : Energizer silly !

Steven Cheung turn tart bell Sherman Chung's rumors in spring gave birth yesterday, readers broke the news that his picture sharing network instagram to the Shermen public marriage proposal, romantic halo. But the newspaper to the confirmation of the woman, she was cold, said: "Jin boring!" And even the news that Steven no substance to pursue acting.

Boy'z member,Steven from years ago in front of the singer Maggie Fu the situation changed, with the return with the door Sherman rumors, in 2008 the two photograph in public housing a total of Fu cohabitation, but when Steven fun and chief motivation to work, plus the hatch back girlfriend onlineditch female, the results of breaking up. In recent years, spiritual cultivation and Steven from the heart and liver in addition to commence turn tarts action to Sherman, match up to join the ranks of believers.

Would like to date and marry

Steven is currently in Europe with catholics Cathy Leung and Gabby Yeung make music sermon, there were readers who broke the news that his last night in Instagram to marry him to Sherman, Self-Fen sleep phase onto the internet, his a message: "I ​​am training (Fen) wake up!, you tight baa ah? I'm so tangled you, you did not tangle me ah? (in fact, I do not have a girlfriend, when first dating it? I might have a shot to get married!) "fan a message estimated to Sherman display of affection.

For Steven confirmation via SMS Reply: "... because Paris Department is a good romantic generous place Fen woke up felt like it, I really want to get married really want to get married, but Zhongwei in accordance with the family and womenfriend, Jesus arrangements, drainage will give me a best generous. "to ask whether chasing fan Sherman,? Play silly, said: "Drainage run Zuo to the side? Ha ha ha ha, I have to work hard, because hard work Department of generous men the most attractive."

Valentine's Day's Expression

Sherman, in a telephone interview, said: "This is Energizer silly! Do not know drainage write to give me a side of a the Mao person with me to marry him." Asked whether the catching her? Sherman called: "I feel the Valentine Mao said, according to the family department of normal friends care for each other." Whether it will re given the opportunity, Steven? She admits: "Do not know o frame, drainage catch the first count." It seems that Steven to work harder in order to Outrageous.

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