Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy Weekend !!

Credits : Kenny's Facebook & lam2's IG

Monday, 24 June 2013

2013 Cannes Film Festival Udated Pictures

Credits : Baidu Kenny Kwan Bar's Weibo

They're back HK

Credits : Steven's IG

2013 Cannes Film Festival Updated Pictures---Red Carpet

Credits : Kenny Kwan Baidu Bar's Weibo

Big John Interview Updated Pictures

Credits : 路芙's Weibo

2013 Cannes Film Festival Updated Pictures

OK...I'm going to die on crediting,and btw,I love the pictures so much !!So many words to describe them !! <3

Credits : Damoncullen,焦婧是一整个,刘潮,梨儿LanLan,LXFeeLW,Iam_樂天派_KiKi,祝英台祝英台,简称Beth,左wl,戛纳湾印像,莫玲teabe87,FrozenQi_冻柒,LLLLL_P,何大头小脸勋,同森成都戛纳湾,小bitch,__花花世界花哥哥,_帅气的大红花 & 黃_小尛's Weibo and Kenny's Instagram