Thursday, 6 June 2013

Steven Cheung wants to slap Sherman Chung

Sherman Chung and her rumored boyfriend,Steven Cheung,Kenny Kwan and Alex Hung attended their micro film press conference on the previous days.In the micro film,she has relationships with the three guys.She said she has no embrassment to cooperate with Steven.She also praised him for being so serius for the first time,asked if she get loved with him or not again ?She said with a big laugh : "This attitude is neede for every man."Rather than deliberate arrangement, Steven said to couple with Sherman in the micro film.Also joked that : "Previously in the MV she slapped me,I also want to slap back her (Love to spoil the relationship ?)Aiya !Very annoying ah !

Other than that,Hins's weird house need someone to company Hins to sleep,as Hins's rumored close friend,Kenny said with a laugh : "He has alot of dogs and guests,in addition his house has hundreds years of histories,who know if there is ghost company-ing him.(You don't company him ?)Why must I company him ?I also scared one ah...

Credits : On.CC

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