Sunday, 31 March 2013

Steven and Kathy's Updated Pictures

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"追鱼传奇" Occur Vomit Manger,Kenny accused and said he do not know about love

Builded by 江广厦传媒体集团,Kenny Kwan,Zhao Li Ying,Dai Jiao Qian and Allen Ting starred on 3D China's series "追鱼传奇",after the trailer were out,many social friends start to concern about the Zhang Zhen and 红绫's love story.The series is played based on the Shaoxing opera classics section "追鱼".The main cast of the series,Kenny Kwan fall in love with Zhao Li Ying in the series which actually made their fans can't stand with it,encourage them to be together,but also got fans say Kenny do not know how to love.

"追鱼传奇" trailer occur vomit manger

The 20 minutes and the 4 minutes trailer version had made a lot of social friends talk about the hot stuff inside,the novel shape.dazzling special effects,"jump tone" of the story, inevitably dazzling sense of it was the hot stuff.In the trailer,Kenny had to act like a male and female part,second by second change had made us "couldn't see clearly".Dai Jiao Qian seek help from goblin "Give me magic, so I can pregnant" is a plot is that mine down to living beings.

Since the release of the trailers in the major video sites,the click volume is very considerable, but information overload suffered users occur vomit manger. In this regard, the producers said in response, the current release of the two trailers are released in the production phase, and then the whole drama of production is not finished, so the story can not be completely achieved, with the completion of the making of the play, but also have the story more fully embodied trailers and micro film gradually released.

Play the unrequited drama,Kenny Kwan interactively microblogging significantly ambiguous that Kenny Kwan accused of "do not know love"

In "追鱼传奇",Kenny play the role of a scholar named Zhang Zhen devotedly attached to Zhao Li Ying who play the role of a mermaid named 红绫,willing to be a demon to be with 红绫.红绫 also willing to be a human to be together with Zhang Zhen.Their resurrection of love is precious.Zhang Zhen and 红绫 is highlighted as the "Swan's Bitter Life" and they interact sweetly.Not only hug the body part exposure but also when Zhao Li Ying repost words on Weibo,the Kenny will reply at a fast time,Zhao Li Ying was very gorgeous in the 3D series "追鱼传奇" when she was in the sea and this is also the first time Kenny reply to her girlfriend in his series "You're very beautiful" and Zhao Li Ying also call Kenny as "Little Bun Bun[小斌斌]",they seems to have a perfect friendship.

Eventhough they microblog warmly,but the social friends can't stand with it,which brought social friends to hope them to be together in reality.But Kenny said : "Zhao Li Ying is a open hearted,open and cheerful and cute girl but we are only best friend."Kenny Kwan replied and disappointed their fans and accused of do not know love.

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Personal Notes : No,you never disappoint me,but I actually never heard of the news of fans wanting them to be together,caused I'm not really hoping this type,I actually thought fans always want Hins and Kenny together,cause I always see people talking about them both and making some videos or edits of them together....

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kenny asked Hins how to pull out the leg's fur to pretend to be a lady

Boyz and Shiga Lin attended a Hanbok costume event in Tsim Sha Tsui a few days ago and talked about Hins during his performance on the stage a few days ago.Kenny praised Hins that he really looks like an actress and also said : "I went to the backstage and said why you left so little leg fur and asked how to make it so clean.But also made people feel that the guy in the stage is not Hins,it's a different person."

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Friday, 29 March 2013


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追鱼传奇 Posters

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Personal Notes : What a poster !Kenny is also the cast and his picture should be big too T.T

Kenny praise Hins on his acts

Steven said that he love to watch Korean movies recently and joke that he hope to tackle Korea girl but too bad he did not know how to speak Korea language and revealed that he went to South Korea previously and thinked that Korea people are very cordial and also said he went to a beach to jog previously and then Korea people give some cheer to him.While Kenny who had just returned from his trip was asked if he did admire and watch Hins's acts as a lady ?He said : "Got ah,even did not seem like a guy during his acts,it's very fantastic and I even ask if he did cut out his leg fur."

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wallpapers XD

Sorry,lazy to do collage and changed to 2 wallpapers,sorry for only 2 >< But hope you all like it though...

Sniper Attack 2013 Updated FIlming Pictures

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Kickin' It Korean at Hong Kong Harbour City Press Conference Updated Pictures

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追鱼传奇 will be broadcasted during summer and upgraded the "Immortal Love"

"追鱼传奇" grew up with the love opera from Shaoxiang and adapted it into a TV series,besides of the two princess,they introduce more new characters,the sequence will be up and down,the stroy will be complicated and confusing.

By Zhejiang Guangsha Media Group,arge sums of money is used to build the legendary love epic magical masterwork "追鱼传奇" and has been completed late part of the production, the new upgraded version of this poignant fairy where legendary love story is about to reproduce the screen. It is reported that, the play has been the Hunan TV acquired the 2013 Summer file released at the station, and the processes at many of the highlights is enough to lead the immortal love drama theme running into the blockbuster era, open atmosphere of the first works.

Upgraded Effect : 3D process on the underwater part

Since last July cranked scene,the play has been in intense post-production stage drama producer different from the past, "追鱼传奇's" all myths, magic teleplays largest technical highlights that the full three-dimensional computer animation effects produced on the theme of the past, such drama in the process of shooting, often the first to build a simple scene to shoot, to late to add some computer effects as a supplement, but 追鱼传奇 completely abandoned this practice bold attempt the whole computer production of three-dimensional effects.

For example for the underwater scene,they said that the previous drama when shooting will build a dragon palace and will be late to produce effects such as water curtain, 追鱼传奇 shooting shooting green foreground underwater is unraveling in the post-production process, it can be said that does not cost a brick and tileof the dragon palace.Sacred site is presented in front of the audience.The producer revealed the creation of computer animations enormous investment, the average cost per second up to RMB few thousand dollars. Computer cost effects produced was praised by a director who rarely praiced.After nights and nights seeing the samples,Hunan Satellite TV decided to heavily to the acquisition of TV broadcast rights, from the just-concluded Hong Kong International Film & TV Market India, France and other countries and regions, the director of "追鱼传奇" teleplays film from China showing a strong interest, and praised its completely perfect results comparable to a Hollywood special effects team, while creating television magic theme situation.

Upgraded Love : New pattern to create a magical drama of a mermaid child's heart polygonal and the excitement of love

Has been published before "追鱼传奇" an extra-long version of the film flower, causing the majority of "追鱼传奇" fans and main cast Kenny Kwan and Zhao Li Ying's fans having a great enthusiasm, the love story born out of the Shaoxing opera classics section and was adapted into a TV series.,besides of the two princess,they introduce more new characters,the sequence will be up and down,the stroy will be complicated and confusing.

Upgraded Fashion : Special made clothes for Zhao Li Ying

In addition to the computer special effects on the generous,追鱼传奇's gorgeous shape of each character also attracted huge interest of the users, or elegant or luxurious dress as if upon a time "bridge situation",main cast Zhao Li Ying's makeup character modeling not broadcast before the red,there's also some social friends try to see Zhao Li Ying's most fashionable fashion goblin.

Credits : QQ
Personal Notes : Hahaha,true fact that they say Kenny's fans are waiting for the series like mad...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Single Man Nights...

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Kenny praised Hins that he can't be recognized after dressing up as Greta

Boyz and Shiga Lin attended a function wearing Hanbok,Steven Cheung said that he went to Korea before and thinks that the citizens there are very cordial while Kenny is just back to Hong Kong from Taiwan,asked if he did seen Hins's act as a lady ?He said : "Got ah,straight away answer,looks fantastic".

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Kenny's Taiwan Trip with Family's Pictures

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Kenny Kwan brought her mother to Taiwan and put up the sky lantern

Kenny's rumored boyfriend,Hins Cheung played a theather drama recently,Kenny was so good that he brought his parents to travel in Taiwan,and keep on updating himself on Weibo to tell Hins Cheung his situation.He also updated that he put up the sky lantern with his mother and wrote on it : "Purse full of money and good health"

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Personal Notes : This news doesn't brings meanings,sides,it brings rumors =.=''

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

追鱼传奇 Updated Wallpapers

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Sniper Attack 2013 Group Pictures !

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Monday, 25 March 2013

追鱼传奇 Fan Made Poster

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Personal Notes : It look rather nice,but why they doesn't have any happy face ? O.o