Friday, 1 March 2013

Sherman Chung collapse because of Steven Cheung

EEG's singer,Sherman Chung posted a photo of his rumore boyfriend holding the medals on Instagram,also wrote many words on the post.Their relationship are confused,earlier of it,it was said that Sherman dislike Steven's playing time during his work and ended up.But Sherman can insist on seeing her rumored boyfriend completed his ran on full marathon,touched with tears : "On the moment he finished his marathon,all of us went to his area,everyone babble for him,I could not resist crying up,seems the crash can't be close."Sherman's heart seems to "洗心革面" Steven's captive.

Credits : On.CC


  1. What does "洗心革面" mean?
    Does it mean make him hurt and embarrassed?

  2. Sorry I'm not sure too,I can't read all the Chinese X\