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Trailers : Kenny Kwan hopes that Stephen Chow self act Monkey King

Mythological drama "追鱼传奇" is also known as the TV version of "西游降魔篇",sought by the major TV,main cast Kenny Kwan express that he is also Stephen Chow's fans,full of feelings to pay tribute to the idol.

Stephen Chow's new film "西游降魔篇" ticket room reached around 760 million,break 14 pieces of records,market also set off a craze for magical drama.It is reported that investment by 浙江广厦传媒's myth drama "追鱼传奇" is known as the TV version of "西游降魔篇".The main cast Kenny Kwan express that he is also Stephen Chow's fans,full of feelings to pay tribute to the idol.

Stepehen Chow's drama to Mainland's youngsters are very great,not to mention that the childhood growing up in a culture steeped in Hong Kong.Kenny Kwan said that he had seen every drama released by Stephen Chow.Last year,during  "追鱼传奇" time,this is a myth legend big drama modeled on China widespread folk tales,his role Zhang Zhen with Zhao Li Ying,红绫 sacrifies for their love in the show had make an excitement.When completed in late adding 3D stunt recently,seen some trailers,already do not know how to express his emotions,he said that a high-quality film and television drama "追鱼传奇" is a tribute to Stephen Chow.

追鱼传奇 and 西游降魔篇's appearance are the same

Kenny Kwan : I would rhymes three hundreds times

Flush folk "追鱼传奇" story are Shanghai Yue Opera repertoire,had been performance alot of times.In the year 1957 April,entertaining performances for the President of the Bureau of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Voroshilov in Hangzhou,accopanied with some high level positions.One of the high level position worker also shake the hand with the person in the stage,said that : "You are a good person,help others alot".He then said : "You both have to reunite"In the year of 1958 August,"追鱼传奇"  was with 天马电影制片厂摄制成彩色戏曲艺术片 was popular at home and abroad, caused no small stir.

The "追鱼传奇" onto the TV, half a century after the classic folklore for the first time onto television screens in the original form, compose a most beautiful and touching mermaid love and integrate into the elements of the legendary settle a law suit and combined with modern high-tech filming and digital processing, playing a game of emotion and visual feast.To get a good drama,they get some great cast such as Allen Ting,Kenny Kwan,Zhao Li Ying,Cao Xin Yue and Dai Jiao Qian.From Hong Kong's Kenny Kwan as Zhang Zhen, he said, most of the audience may feel that Zhang Zhen has been the carp sperm love, love tragicomedy staged a bit like 许仙 and 白娘子, but feel more like the Monkey King and 尊宝 and 紫霞仙子."I like Stephen Chow's roles and soundtrack.Like "喜剧之王'' themesong,"西游" themesong "一生所爱",there are the person I respect,hope to cooperate with Stephen Chow.I grow up with watching his movies,director Jeff Lau's 2005 film "大话西游" companion with "情癫大圣",I was tribute with his emotions,I would want to had a role as Monkey King but never expect to be the pig,I think Jason Chan are more suitable for Monkey King.When Stehen Chow make another "Journey to the West", I would like to introduce myself to play as 悟空, I want to say is, I sent out from the Mainland bookstore to buy a Zhejiang Children's Publishing House "儿歌三百首",same with " 小刺猬理发","妈妈叫我小弟弟","饭前先洗手'',don't know if Stephen Chow's song are like that or not.

In my opinion in 西游降魔篇 is Jason Chan can act as the pig for the younger generations."Younger generations",Kenny said this is the history of the most horrible Ppig reached tert and cute but Stephen Chow carried a lot of new people,same with "追鱼传奇" is suit for younger generations,I think it's good.

Kenny revealed that "追鱼传奇" is also a drama related to love,it's also a part of your growth.His role as Zhang Zhen is from teenager to thirty something years old,it's a very challenging role.He like the opening scene,Zhang Zhen was in a small river in the village playing flute with ink paintings,everything is quiet and natural,playing the flute in a rather long period,his face is like a simple teenager.Just like "西游降魔篇",a little girl sitting with her father longevity sat in the bow playing games,also very peaceful.In this auspicious among started bred variables.红绫 listening to Zhang Zhen's music,thus, an earth-shattering love is about to occur.

Male and Female Cast Care About Each Other for Love

追鱼传奇 Relaunced "China's Lovely Relationship"

Zhang Zhen and 红绫's relationship were twisting and turning in the myth drama "追鱼传奇".At the starting they're abit silly,Zhang Zhen had a marriage contract with the prime minister's daughter,but 金牡丹 doesn't loves to marry with Zhang Zhen then on become poor,Zhang Zhen thought he love 金牡丹.The mermaid 红绫 prepared everything for Zhang Zhen,went to 金牡丹's body and accompany with Zhang Zhen.Zhang Zhen cannot ensure the relationship.Until he knows the truth,then he knows that he fall in love with 红绫.Because of her,he is willing to become a demon,while 红绫 is willing to become a human because of him.She sentimentalism and died after she pulled her dragon scale off and they are together then.玄奘 and Miss 段 also died for their relationship.Kenny Kwan said : There are also these type of love in "大话西游",young people are eager to had this kind of love also eager to have such a pure emotion,unfortunately, there are too many allur in our life,difficult to give each other's stuff.So many people to see Miss Duan dance under the moon makes them cry.I heard that Zhang Zhen cried for 红绫's death,the crew are very touched,and very trim.The reality is more utilitarian, feeling all the more simple things,"追鱼传奇" is a type of drama with special love,is also China's great love,will make the audience say "I Want You" great moment,I have heard that there are now several very powerful TV in ready to buy this movie, I hope they can order it earlier.

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