Sunday, 31 March 2013

"追鱼传奇" Occur Vomit Manger,Kenny accused and said he do not know about love

Builded by 江广厦传媒体集团,Kenny Kwan,Zhao Li Ying,Dai Jiao Qian and Allen Ting starred on 3D China's series "追鱼传奇",after the trailer were out,many social friends start to concern about the Zhang Zhen and 红绫's love story.The series is played based on the Shaoxing opera classics section "追鱼".The main cast of the series,Kenny Kwan fall in love with Zhao Li Ying in the series which actually made their fans can't stand with it,encourage them to be together,but also got fans say Kenny do not know how to love.

"追鱼传奇" trailer occur vomit manger

The 20 minutes and the 4 minutes trailer version had made a lot of social friends talk about the hot stuff inside,the novel shape.dazzling special effects,"jump tone" of the story, inevitably dazzling sense of it was the hot stuff.In the trailer,Kenny had to act like a male and female part,second by second change had made us "couldn't see clearly".Dai Jiao Qian seek help from goblin "Give me magic, so I can pregnant" is a plot is that mine down to living beings.

Since the release of the trailers in the major video sites,the click volume is very considerable, but information overload suffered users occur vomit manger. In this regard, the producers said in response, the current release of the two trailers are released in the production phase, and then the whole drama of production is not finished, so the story can not be completely achieved, with the completion of the making of the play, but also have the story more fully embodied trailers and micro film gradually released.

Play the unrequited drama,Kenny Kwan interactively microblogging significantly ambiguous that Kenny Kwan accused of "do not know love"

In "追鱼传奇",Kenny play the role of a scholar named Zhang Zhen devotedly attached to Zhao Li Ying who play the role of a mermaid named 红绫,willing to be a demon to be with 红绫.红绫 also willing to be a human to be together with Zhang Zhen.Their resurrection of love is precious.Zhang Zhen and 红绫 is highlighted as the "Swan's Bitter Life" and they interact sweetly.Not only hug the body part exposure but also when Zhao Li Ying repost words on Weibo,the Kenny will reply at a fast time,Zhao Li Ying was very gorgeous in the 3D series "追鱼传奇" when she was in the sea and this is also the first time Kenny reply to her girlfriend in his series "You're very beautiful" and Zhao Li Ying also call Kenny as "Little Bun Bun[小斌斌]",they seems to have a perfect friendship.

Eventhough they microblog warmly,but the social friends can't stand with it,which brought social friends to hope them to be together in reality.But Kenny said : "Zhao Li Ying is a open hearted,open and cheerful and cute girl but we are only best friend."Kenny Kwan replied and disappointed their fans and accused of do not know love.

Credits : Sina
Personal Notes : No,you never disappoint me,but I actually never heard of the news of fans wanting them to be together,caused I'm not really hoping this type,I actually thought fans always want Hins and Kenny together,cause I always see people talking about them both and making some videos or edits of them together....

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