Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Big Five Banana Boy

Kenny is "Handsome Banana Boy"

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Filming Day of Banana Boy

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Banana Boy Promotional Clip

Monday, 29 October 2012

Tung Wah Kiss The Pet Charity Event Updated Pictures

Credits : HYSEN-LEUNG's Weibo

Ken Hung the dog insurance potable William Chan loved bird

William Chan attended the event,he said the home bird Bei at home to look tsome beautiful birds,think has few masters with the pet their flat, and Ken Hung the dog wanted to eat his bird. Ken Hung dog childhood has hit pro brain now become very mischievous playful feces, had lost control running around the street.

The same field,Michelle Wai often be jealous, her dog to see boy buried body that bark, and asked her the dog blocking her knowledge boy? She said: "unknown,I'm going to get the dogs o both favor."

Boyz have no pets to attend events,Kenny explained that his dog is large with a street will be very troublesome while members Steven said that after the death of the pet,no longer raising.

Credits : On.CC

Sing Tao news about Kenny and Steven for Tung Wah Kiss The Pet Charity Event

Kenny Kwan, Steven Cheung and a others EEG's singer appeared for pets vigorous day, some of them bring the dog to the scene. Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung empty-handed to the scene, the former refers to the dog too giant balls, bring out the great street parade, bluntly dog will automatically start the defense function, whenever someone or a dog buried body would like to catch the "Little Three"; Kenny Kwan indeed useful dog edge of the scene, the paparazzi to see him constantly drooling.

Credits : Sing Tao

Tung Wah Kiss The Pet Charity Event Updated Pictures

 Credits : BETTYS's Weibo

Halloween Event Updated Picture

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Steven Cheung open a production company and become the boss

Steven Cheung attended the bowling activities and showed his skills.He said that just set up a production company, and become the boss of it,he directed some micro film, bluntly pursuit of the goal, he expressed the hope that quickly successful career, by giving a comfortable life, and hope that he get married by 32 years old.

Credits : On.CC

Tung Wah Kiss The Pet Charity Event Updated Pictures

Credits : BETTYS,EEG & Boyz Official Fan Club's Weibo

Bowling Charity League Updated Pictures

Credits : 袁學謙Benedict,YT葉慧婷 & BOBO102女兒's Weibo

Halloween Event Updated Pictures

Credits : Boyz Official Fan Club's Weibo,Kenny's Instagram and Charly Ng's Facebook
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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Privacy Beyond Price Episode 5 [A Deep Battle]

Privacy Beyond Price : Episode 5[A Deep Battle]

Synopsis : 

In the the unfathomable business community, the struggle are not absolute,and privacy are also constantly exposed deep humanity behind, often people reflect on the importance of privacy.

Staff from the high-tech company,M1,Ella Kung complaint that company are unfair as they collect employees' personal information,the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data did an investigation immediately.

A month ago, M1 is preparing to bid a project, but suspected leak,hostile high-end digital pre-empted, M1 young boss,Matthew and director,Fankie suspect company have someone who will help another company to collect informations, so he started a series of monitoring the actions of employees, including finger prints identifiable devices, closed-circuit television.

Fankie suspected Ella is the "ghost", so he secretly monitoring Ella within the use of company computers and information website.

Matthew explained about the company during the investigation of PCO, the practices to the interests of the company and to protect company trade secrets, and hope to find out the disc between businesses. Personal Information Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Officer Michelle that the M1 technology already may involve unfair collection of personal data.

Finally Ella resignation of Matthew,duo frank dialogue, Matthew discovered Ella to meet with high-end digital senior Gordan, is another original, is not said, as Fankie, she in fact did not betray the company, at the same time, Matthew found Fankie is the real "ghost" came before, and the name of Fankie by monitoring staff actually monitor their own at the same time, the original has been linked to high-end digital Fankie what "ghost" company ? Spy a fathomless already underway.

Watch Privacy Beyond Price Episode 5 here

Credits : RTHK

Wednesday, 24 October 2012