Sunday, 7 October 2012

Eric Suen less already Macy Chan

Eric Suen,,Kenny Kwan and Michelle Wai attended a radio drama event for their movie[私隱何價]

Eric recently saliva gland inflammation seen yesterday, his face finally swelling. Eric said with a smile : "I first heard of this disease. Woke up on the date of the block face swollen like sixteen than nine television, immediately go to the accident and emergency doctor said that my long-term lack of sleep, when able to relax body bacteria outbreak. (Sick at night before with his girlfriend Macy Chan Tsui too violence ?)Saliva gland has nothing to do with kissing, but the doctors advised me during the illness do not kiss. However, we relatively have a small kiss."

He said the right cheek still have a little swelling, but also to take ten days of medicines, hope a speedy recovery, he did not want to affect the advocacy work of the new album.Eric said : "Every dish before certain major illness, and on a sudden asthma.Temporarily album pre-sale results are pretty good, really wealthy but weak."

Kenny accept the challenge

Kenny admitted that in recent years he is involved with the development in the Mainland, the lapse of eleven years to make another RTHK dramas, the role is a paradox, is very challenging.

Michelle Wai's act to be good when talking.have been looking forward to cooperation with senior Kenny, this is finally fulfilled. Mentioned that she had with RTHK dramas by the California Film Festival "Best Actress" poem said : "Role to last me a lot of opportunities to play, but the director is good to me, did not give me too much pressure, I hope he is increasingly progress."

Credits : takungpao

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