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Profile about Boy'z

Boy'z (Kenny Kwan & Steven Cheung)


BOY'Z is a Hong Kong Cantopop duo produced by Emperor Entertainment Group(EEG) consisting of members Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung.Kenny Kwan left the group in 2005, and was replaced with Dennis Mak in 2005. In 2006, William Chan joined the group, forming the trio Sun Boy'z. The trio disbanded in 2008, but Kenny Kwan & Steven Cheung came back together again as a duo in 2010.

Boy'z (now known as Sun Boy'z (新 Boy'z), meaning New Boy'z) was formerly a Hong Kong Cantopop duo that consisted of members Kenny Kwan (關智斌) (born December 30, 1980) and Steven Cheung (張致恆) (born November 10, 1984). The duo was formed around June 2002 by the Emperor Entertainment Group as the male version a year after the female Cantopop duo Twins was formed. Boy'Z has released 3 EPs and 2 albums. Their debut EP, La La 世界 (La La World), was released in 2003.In 2010 Boy'z (Kenny Kwan & Steven Cheung) appeared on stage together in EEG 10th Anniversary Concert. 2011 they released a new single together the song named <<Ready to Go>>.They were based on another Hong Kong popular prefabricated duo, Twins, who is also formed by Emperor Entertainment Group. Boy'Z received main roles in films such as The Death Curse (2003) and PaPa Loves You (2004). They were cameos as robbers in Jackie Chan's film New Police Story (2004). As their popularity grew, Boy'Z gained their starring roles in the film, 6:00 AM (2004).

Other Information

In February 2003,Steven Cheung & Kenny Kwan ''were established overnight the night team was officially formed "Boy'z", and launched EP album ''La La 世界'' ,''一起喝采'',''A Year to Remember'' and the album ''Boy'zone'',''Boy'z Can Cook''.''一起喝采'' and ''死性不改'' is widely welcome by Hong Kong people.

Credits : Wikipedia,EEG

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