Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Artist from EEG supports with love for Kite Flying

Leo Ku,Joey Yung,Twins and other artist joint with Tung Wah Hopstial ''Kite Love'' charity.Love and energy will be distributed to a friend in need.

This event is to celebrate EEG artist and fans under the tenth anniversary and also to respond to the current year ''2011'' Tung Wah campaign.Artist and fans take this oppurnity to contribute with the community.All participants are eager to donate money and all donations will be donated to Tung Wah Hospital for charitable purposes.

Leo Ku,Joey Yung,Twins,Boy'z,William Chan,Ken Hung,Vincy,Sherman Chung,Mag Lam,Deep Ng,Alex,Gary,Kathy,Carlos Chan and other EEG artist were present with over four hundreds good long benefactors.Guests and fans put the kite together with warm and happy mood through the whole day.

The event raised more than 1.2 million in Hong Kong,once again thanks to the major sponsors and benefactors support.

Event sponsors: 
Albert Yeung Charitable Foundation
King's Foundation
Raff Jewellery Company Limited
Emperor Financial Services Group
Adroit Electronics
Air Express
Dato 'Dr. Huang Jiongqiang
Prime Minister Ma Huan Chen
Target Insurance
Chang Hai Group
In Express Limited
Island Golf Club
SINA Hong Kong Limited
Tencent microblogging
Yahoo! Hong Kong

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