Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Boy'z are invited to celebrate the first New Year Eve in Guangzhao

Guangzhao held the first New Year Eve's celebration.

Boy'z are invited to help out in collaboration with Hacken Lee and Sandy Lam to build party.

Popular idol group Boy'z in 20 November,Guangzhao sea participated in ''2012 New Year Eve celebration in Guangzhao Sea''.The launch are in hot pursuit.

New Year Eve celebration has a very special significance, is the first real sense of the Guangzhou New Year Eve celebration,Guangzhou people are celebrating the first New Year Eve celebration, sea, sand, following the Asian Games is another major cultural brand activities after ,inviting Boy'z attend this ceremony as a representative attending the singer to give refueling activities, encouragement.

Boy'z as a new generation of Hong Kong pop singer idol will be part of the evening's performance, according to Boy'z said, they perform this ceremony will be on the fast songs mainly, to create the feeling of big party audience, and this New Year Eve The singer also invited all the main singer is Cantonese, the main Cantonese culture, so this New Year festival also invited singer Hong Kong and Guangzhou is mainly local singers.

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