Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hi everyone,I just want to say something about this blog.My name is MMY...I'm so sorry,I don't want to put my full name here,MMY is just a shortcut and I don't know when and how I love Boy'z but it's already been many years when I was very small and that time I don't know their names or anything about them because I haven't even 10 years old that time and now I'm just a little girl who loves Boy'z.Last year,my skills for computer improves a lot and I started to search their information,I haven't admire Boy'z when I was small....I mean I admire Kenny at the starting but then I just found out he was one of the members of Boy'z and I found Steven's informations too,and when I listen to their songs,I started liking Steven and Boy'z too.On that time,I feel that Steven is always cute like Kenny and they have those sweet smiles that I always use as my words all time.This is how I love Boy'z and I had thought to open a Malaysia Fans Club for Boy'z but my Chinese were very bad,I couldn't read all of them,I could listen and talk so I apologize if I type wrong and translated wrongly in any of the post,I hope you can tell if I'm wrong.Thank you !

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