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[Official Drama Page & Official Screencaps]On The First Beat

On The First Beat is a TVB modern action series broadcast in June 2007. 
The series is a direct sequel to 2005's The Academy . The main cast features Ron Ng, Sammul Chan and Chin Ka Lok from the original series and new cast including Michael AbTao, Sonija Kwok, Joey Yung, Kenny Kwan and Kate Tsui. The story continues on with the two male leads in the series with their growth as young police officers with personal conflicts in their bonds as friends and romantic relationships. The drama is about the life of a group of Hong Kong police officers and cadets inside and outside of work.
 A direct sequel, E.U. was produced and airred in 2009 continued with Ron Ng and Sammul Chan, alongside Michael Miu, Kathy Chow, Elanne Kwong, and Michael Tse.For the synopsis,there's nothing related to Kenny,so I don't think I need to translate it but if you want to know you can click the link from ''Official Website'' and you can read it but it's in Mandarin.

About Kenny's Character

Name : Yuen Ka Fu
English Name : Police Yuen
Age : 20
Occupation : College Students/Police
Officer Number : PC66823

Loving parents,not very intelligent,strong minded to his goal,been living with his mother,most get rid with his mother's control bones,doesn't dare to say his goal or secrets to anyone except his ex-brother in law,from experience been deceived and encourage others to understand their goals and ideals,a good cop, and this effort forward.

Background and experience
When Ka Fu is borned,Ka Fu's family has experienced many troubles,his father has investment loses,bankruptcy.Ka Fu also knew that the mother house pet is their best, sometimes took the opportunity to know how to look for a bargain father, sister,but nature is always good, always love the heart, father and sister.
At the same time, because Shuxian doting protection, to develop a family rich cowardly personality, submissive and well-behaved surface, by the interest to overseas studies, but by the mother of all arrangements. In fact,Ka Fu know that their non-home study materials, but his mother must complete a university course, so large a sense of worry, not daring to speak their own mother did not want to continue their studies of the mind, but dare not tell her mother make-up fails, the school kicked out the truth .
Ka Fu's home in Hong Kong, all day long doing nothing, the result was almost involved in pyramid scam, happiness goes to former ex-brother in law a helping hand extended family Ka Fu survived. But, being rich field expelled from school at home the truth of exposure, Shuxian furious, but the fact can not be changed, but to arrange the work at home rich in cafes, and then try to find a good school for him again and again to study abroad.After this incident, eager to seek their own rich family life, has found his goal to become police officers. Through the heights of encouragement, courage applying for the police finally home rich, but he knew Shuxian would oppose, only secretly with his father Yuanman folder design, successfully hidden Shuxian interview. Unfortunately, Shuxian rich family and his son finally learned that his applying for the police to hide the truth of the matter, much angry, but that is the result of prime view instigate put! At this point,Ka Fu has finally come home to her mother tell my heart, I hope the mother to let go, his own life by their own decisions, coupled with the lobbying Hui Ni, Shuxian finally willing to let him try, can finally take home the rich the first step in their own life, to police the goal !

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