Monday, 30 January 2012

Four sportman William Chan,Ken Hung,Boy'z appeared in Guangzhao to celebrate New Year Countdown especially Memorable Long Lost

Although they're busy recently,but William Chan,Ken Hung,Boy'z [Kenny Kwan & Steven Cheung]  present at the ceremony.A few days ago,Guangzhao starting to show up outdoor countdown activities.They recently have attended few activities that make them feel extremely excited !Kenny said : There's so many years wihout trial New Year Eve,but this year I'm going to Beijing filming with Steven.A large group of co-stars working in this weather,I wishes and hope I can celebrate with my friends every year happily !Steven Cheung is the most pleasant suprised in the triple storey stage performing ''Ready to Go'' : Really thankful to the assembly,the first jump dance.Haha !

William Chan with a Deep V suit together with the dancers to the audience.Fast songs will make the audience and the atmosphere to heat up.William's first all male team  to perform ''Baby Don't Cry'',and the effect was pleasantly suprised !William said : I'm very suprised my dance broke my own record this time !My department was originally scheduled to jump the net.I see a big stage spot with the dancers from the degree of the new version,of 45 minutes,I have a good chance !In addition,Ken Hung in each month in 2011 to Mainland on stage.New Year's wishes on Mainland market.Ken Hung said : My goal this year to buy the first floor,good luck,accepting my Mainland fans ,we must strive to filming with a Mandarin album.In necessary,move to live for some time wihout problems.

Credits : EEG
Personal Notes : All from EEG are in Chinese and if I type wrong,I'm so sorry !

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