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Kenny Kwan Cross Weigh Race the Car

Kenny Kwan filming in the hot day with the costume,suffering badly.

Kenny Kwan went to Hengdian to film the ancient drama "追鱼传奇" braved more than 30 degree heat wearing a costume can be said to suffer in silence.Kenny microblogging message yesterday disclose a car accident : "In wet weather in the morning,the time of the incident will only shout loudly OMG,and then of the reactions to the sluggish state of inner peace after rapid heart beat, cold sweat.Thank you, brother driver to let me understand what a crash !"

Kenny sat in the car and one for motorcycles collided with the original,he witnessed the whole process,he estimated that the motorcyclist should be injured,and he without problems and then take another car to the venue to start.

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Sing Pao Daily News 73 Celebration

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The Legend of Sworman Episode 26

"Who In The Mirror" under the ruthless hand of the young men are disfigured

"Who In The Mirror" young men disfigured appearance

Will be landing on June 14 the youth of the national cinema thriller "Who In The Mirror" recent spate of burst a large number of "flavors".This also allows the film the two starring Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han's fans become tenterhooks.The film side is unusually strong fan response : "At midnight, not according to the mirror in order to shoot the real terrorist lens and had to "scare" ruthless hand. Even Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han flowers handsome and big handsome guy, they have disfigured appearance."

The famous Hong Kong artist Kenny Kwan has been shaped into a handsome young male, regardless of the appearance of modern drama or costume drama the audience love and affection endless. For example "The Legend of Swordman" some time ago hit, played by Kenny Kwan costume Zhao Wu Ji and Zhao Xiao Zhao, fashion, so that animal in nature for a long time for many young viewers.Northeast man was born in Anshan,Liaoning, Zhang Jun Han, graduated from Beijing Film Academy 2004 performing undergraduate classes. Zhao Hongbing of network drama "northeast past the underworld situation 20 years played the hero is a character development to the underworld chiefs from the Veterans, won the "tough guy" reputation.

In the beginning of the casting 牛朝阳 director set stringent standards - two actor Kwong Hang and 少锦 must be handsome to the first glance you can recline to a female audience. The spirit of such a principle, the piece in more than 200 candidate selected young men,Kenny Kwan and handsome tough guy,Zhang Jun Han played by Kwong Hang and 少锦 "Who In The Mirror".The opposite of the two popular guy in the film, became fans are most concerned about hot spots.

In the recently released trailer of the film side,the role of posters and the making of the attentive audience to find their beloved Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han has a face studded with lens and extremely tragic. The film side responded that this is a sacrifice that must be made in order to build a new realm of domestic horror film thriller. Two idol through microblogging and other forms of comfort of their own fans. Kenny Kwan said : "The director told the earliest I will let my lens disfigured when my agent concerns, but I do not mind, we went for the horror film it." Zhang Jun Han said : "Disfigured is certainly more miserable, but in order to shock the audience, but also value."

Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" crew meticulously crafted the rich content of terror, psychological, and physical all the flavors content everywhere. It can be said that in order to "scare" the audience, the film crew and actors have been hard to summon up the resolve. June 14, be afraid! Scream! Tremble!

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Steven @ One Plus Fine Art Space

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Toby and Steven play couple sweet want to vomit

(Roundup)TVB sitcom series "Til Love Do Us Lie" has recently joined the new blood, Toby Leung and Steven Cheung,play a couple, they joked co-star scenes of sweet and disgustingplay points of the red chamber.

Steven is an environmentally friendly fighters but facing Valentine's Toby, becomes a super man, often whirring drink. Think of the original Toby loyal love, man, like they enjoy the control of the husband's. Toby admits that he is, "with lady and insane body" a man should have a bit pot to have a big man character.Suceed called and asked me had been there side,dare first prove to the drainage, a few care about me.

Frankly the envy of Toby and Steven filming reflected her husband to visit the set from time to time, to accompany the banquet and receive work, "I like insane body of his girlfriend, want to have a dare wife." Steven laughed and said that their emotional drama sweet and nausea,"sometimes finished then playback, themselves really want to vomit."

In addition,Steven is the first official involved in radio drama and praising the shooting time is comfortable and easy.Asked to hope that the multi point the filming wireless drama ? He said : "prior to filming in the mainland is very hard, even if you can back to the hotel to rest, have always felt that the rest Well enough, so good filming in Hong Kong, returning to the family survive can drink a the grandmother pot of soup!" In addition, Toby as close friend recently pass each other pregnant,Toby stressed that no matter, said he would never tell lies.

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Star Prize Fowarding

The 2G movie Memorial U disk : concern @m1905电影网 @电影半夜不要照镜子官微 May 31to June 4,daily 16:00 gifts out of the two winners... PS : the words of everyone who is middle of the night we passed a mirror, there are anomalies ?(Movie released on June 14)

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Vincy's house ??

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Cute scene from "Who In The Mirror"

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"Who In The Mirror" Youth and Beautiful Encounter the Supernatural Cry Thing Trailer

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"Who In The Mirror" exposure special film,the stars singing the ghost of the drive mirror

Youth thriller starring a number of popular stars from 牛朝阳 director,Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee,Zhang Jun Han,Vicki Tsui and etc."Who In The Mirror" recently released second making youth supernatural.Making through this, we will learn how horror spark when a group of beautiful people to encounter the most bizarre and supernatural mysterious force projection.

Five Main Character,Youthful and Beautiful

As a youth thriller, "Who In The Mirror" five starring the new generation of young beautiful idol. Played the roled of Kwong Hang by Kenny Kwan were formed as the members of Boy'z with Steven Cheung in the year of 2003,then gains numerous awards.Maggie Lee in the year of 2006 Animation Festival, played the role of 飞烟 ,a super sexy dress play a computer game the racecourse situation "models raised concerns the after Hong Kong's media affectionately call" animation Maggie.Vicki Tsui who plays wild girl college before singing, dancing, showing off the field of art and other art talent, one admission was named to the Beijing Film Academy, a 02-session school beauty.

Played the role of 少锦 by Zhang Jun Han in the underworld situation of the large thermal network drama Northeast the past 20 years using the superb acting depicts a development from the Veterans to the characters of the underworld chiefs, harvest users definitely. Played with jade and has been awarded the Champion of the World Miss Tourism of the thirteenth annual Queen Contest, the 14th Miss Tourism Annual Queen Contest ambassador, the majority of users as the new generation of "Lady" spokesperson. In addition to the important supporting role of film - old Shanghai four beautiful, actor more are the Internet and media celebrities, sexy models, the College new and cross-sweet sister. Young beautiful lineup, "Who In The Mirror" but also live up to their own "youth" label.

The supernatural, ghost mirror mischief

A horror legend - "Who In The Mirror" story of the origin of widespread in China's civil midnight, sitting in front of the mirror point two candles in the mirror little apple,not to broken skin, you can in the mirrorseen in the mirror ghost. Beginning of the movie is difficult to explain with mirror ghost killings. For some reason, five starring came to the birthplace of the mirror ghost legend - witch town. Under the leadership of Kwong Hang[Kenny Kwan], everyone decided to uncover the true face of the mirror ghost legend. Unexpectedly, five people came to the witch town, supernatural events occur one after another the.

Although these five young people do not believe in ghosts heresy, but in front of all prove that the mirror ghost in the mirror of all the witch town. As legend, who according to the mirror in the middle of the night, you will surely die. Supernatural death, mirror ghost haunted, mysterious shadows around the five beautiful surrounding, so play reluctant to leave the chill of terror.

Crew shooting at the base had several outbreaks of inconvenience to the supernatural speaking, the local old people teach us a way to sing the exorcism. So, we have seen Kenny Kwan and Maggie Lee who sang in the horror film factory tidbits. Who would have thought that these surfaces song and laughter, actually hides a strange reason ...

Middle of the night, mirror, ghost.Troubled times, supernatural, ghosts. A hotbed of pale ghost hand mirror slowly stretched out, stretched, frolicking in the bedroom ... in addition to one of a struggle, crying, spurting, tragic death, they can what? 90 minutes of terror experience, depth of 120 trembling, dare you to do? June 14, be afraid! Scream! ! Please crazy! ! !

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The Legend of Swordman Episode 25


Vincy sweep home products to fight on the margin

Singer,Vincy was with his hair stylist boyfriend Ziv dating for six months are in love, two suspected having same love nest, recently sweeping goods in the home goods shop assistant, senior Steven Cheung and junior Adason Lo accompanied with her selection of pillows, tableware and bath supplies "hit the margin".

Rumors saying dragging shoot,Vincy had publicly disclosed its intention to buy a big house, and her assistant, Steven,and Adason Lo, accompanied by home goods store shopping, shopping in a big circle in the shop, they begin to test ride different models of sofas. Although the shop has many customers recognize Vincy, from time to time, pointing behind her, but her whole heartedly ignored, but also to remove the idol identity burden jump on the sofas they sit positional test is clear and comfortable degrees, can be described as fun. Since then, she picked the bedroom supplies, her pillows and cushions o Johnson's very demanding, in addition with powder face snapping pillow test soft givers, from time to time vigorously to mad fing, and test pillows flexibility to believe that she would like her boyfriend feel good fen.

Vincy pick finished the bedding, then in company with her assistant to buy toiletries, respectively look toothbrushes, bathrobes and slippers, all playing margin, more people unlimited Lenovo, her pick is just a softcolor,like a bathrobe is apricot blue with the toothbrush is red and blue, reminiscent of the owner should be a man and a woman. When she saw shelves and India have both the English name of head of the "V" and "Z" word cup, that is to stop research and chief finger, but in the end she picked out the patterns printed on the cup.

Vincy then pick the champagne shower gel, scented candles left off, by supporting a large candle mad "plan",it is estimated that she is the mood of the people, hi dip aromatherapy bubble bath. Line for nearly an hour, she stopped sitting on the sofa to rest, a collection with Steven and Adason Lo,the trio kept thick to pour, mad mortgage directory and look wall clock hanging on the wall.

Interior design of the Trio

Recently, the reporter call Vincy asked whether the products ready to buy a given home and living with her boyfriend ? She says with a laugh : "I intend to move so, but in conjunction with Steven and Adason Lo,interior designer to help design hotel with personal style, generous rooms,go on picking the design of the room generous supplies." Asked to take the opportunity to boyfriend to buy household goods? She said: "Well it GOD ! In short,I am drainage with love life sweet!! Go has helped the drainage the air the GOD Commodity generous!"

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Turned out to be such a thing ... only cry out to the OMG in the wet weather in the morning ... the time of the incident ... and then respond, however, sluggish ... and pulled himself together after the heart beat faster ... cold sweats... Thank you, driver brother I understand what is ... crash ! ... this experience once is enough ... urge ... car, do not use the phone ... turn signal lights please call ... big brother...

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牛朝阳 Director : "Who In The Mirror" is "Real" Horror

 "Who In The Mirror" will be released on June 14,the film-viewing desires of the fans is heating up with the fastest speed.Its scream trailer released about a week, total traffic has more than 2 million, an announcement of flavors, injuries version the role of poster, also cause fans of the "wow" sound one. Around the thriller fans are similar together to end their theater experience this terror trip.

Suspense film directed by film director 牛朝阳 last year to "床下有人" has created 18 million at the box office, the good results of the annual thriller, the only pressure is the same schedule the introduction of films made ​​films. Reporters interviewed film director 牛朝阳, confidence in the 牛朝阳 director, said : "I can feel the enthusiasm of the fans than the "床下有人" is also high. Film photographed Part III, already on the market and the audience certain degree of understanding, I do not worry about "Who In The Mirror" at the box office, more concerned about the reputation of the film after many viewers watched the trailer, we all want to see, but worried that not enough domestic thriller thriller, boring I give the commitment, this time I shot the middle of the night do not look in the mirror "is a real thriller, a real horror film. we do not play to imitate, do not get the cottage, not the name of the guise of a lie."Who In The Mirror" and some really positive terror."

Make up a bed film regret, how scared people and how it comes

Last year,牛朝阳 director launched the suspense genre "床下有人" rigorous description of the merits and fine photography by the audience. At the same time,many viewers expressed regret that the film suspense more than, frightened. In the face of such feedback,牛朝阳 director said : "hear the audience on the "床下有人" impartial evaluation, I discovered how strong their desire to the genre. We, as filmmakers, should not only myself to do one kind of movie, but should think of the movie viewers want to see how the regret of the audience for my films is to startle the point of too little, that my new work "Who In The Mirror" must be in the horror and terror, these two types of elements taken, how scary how to."

Ultra dense terror, the field is still in Hollywood

Understand why Hollywood genre popular with viewers,and that on the basis of why do not we done better it ?牛朝阳 director asked the team to the imagination in the design of more intensive thriller plot and update the terror of the odd picture."Who In The Mirror" to maintain "a small scare of three minutes, five minutes a scared" intensive horror point. Tense rhythm, the comic impact of the large number of terrorist lens, so that the entire viewing experience is like a roller coaster.

牛朝阳 director said : "In order to be able to frighten the audience, we the audience as "an imaginary enemy" to do a lot of effort. First of all, on the density of the lens in the terrorist than a Hollywood horror film is much higher. From start to finish,"Who In The Mirror" will not give the audience any respite. to this end, we passed a rigorous script writing, the suspense of the film is retained until the end of a lens. Secondly, the design of the terror lens, we fully tap China's ownnational culture and folklore with the imagination of the screenwriter team and camera crew, "Who In The MIrror" elements of the supernatural, horror, murder, gore, violence, and more with Chinese characteristics. these horrific scene, the audience in a foreign countryyard chip is invisible. As a result, even a film-reading countless horror film fans, "In the middle of the night Do not look in the mirror" nervous tension."

Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" story of the origin of a horror legend widely spread in China's civil - midnight point two candles sitting in front of the mirror, the mirror little apple, not to broken skin, it iscan be seen in the mirror, the mirror ghost. The film will be released nationwide on June 14, the film side Cordially all your favorite thriller friends, have the courage to look in!

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