Thursday, 24 May 2012

"Who In The Mirror" mirror ghost murder five steps "series posters"

Who In The Mirror - Poster [Ghost Suspected]

Youth thriller starring 牛朝阳 director, Kenny Kwan, Liman Jun Zhang Jun Han, and such as many popular stars "Who In The Mirror" recently breath again poster bursts of five movie mode. These five were called "ghost suspected" of "spirituality", "ghosts, ghosts caught","ghost kill" poster, just composed of five steps of the mirror ghost infested in the film, the film side is called "mirror ghost kill the five Steps. "This is also so far, "Who In The Mirror" the second official announcement directly associated with the video content.

Whether the previously announced eight posters, online has long been crazy to pass the "sream" 60-second trailer and the making of "fog lost city", just play a confessed movie, highlighting the film function of the visual elements. Since the core content of the specific story, roles and relations of the fans of the film is also unknown. Now the mirror ghost kill five simple movie mode poster is the first time information on the content of the film mirror ghost haunted. To give the audience more intuitive and clear information on the poster, the piece deliberately chosen exactly the same format and exhibition of a film extra-wide screen aspect ratio of 2.4 to 1, rather than a traditional poster aspect ratio. These five posters continuous watch is a true picture of the murder of the film mirror ghost.

Film side advocates have made ​​a brief explanation : "Five Steps mirror ghost kill a mirror ghost will not suddenly appear, the role will be the first to feel the clues is that the ghost suspect; mirror ghost must be related with the mirror, the actual situationuncertain, is that "spirituality"; mirror ghost the evil perpetrators are often attract the mirror ghost will test the strength of the human heart, is called "ghosts"; mirror ghost murder has never been without using any weapons, only requires vigorous claws thatmay be, is the so-called "ghost caught" general the corpse in the mirror ghost murder shows in the way of a ritual for the warning, is that the ghost kill this group of posters on the "Who In The Mirror"fragment type in the mirror ghost kill display specific details have to ask the audience to the theater to witness.

It is reported that the youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" story of the origin of the widely popular in China's civil horror legend midnight, sitting in front of the mirror and two candle in the mirror little apple, not to broken skin, it can be seen in the mirror, the mirror ghost. The exhibition of a film around the corner, the cordially all your favorite thriller friends, have the courage to look in! Let us in fear and tension to achieve total relaxation and transfers. June 14, be afraid! Scream! !

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