Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Toby and Steven play couple sweet want to vomit

(Roundup)TVB sitcom series "Til Love Do Us Lie" has recently joined the new blood, Toby Leung and Steven Cheung,play a couple, they joked co-star scenes of sweet and disgustingplay points of the red chamber.

Steven is an environmentally friendly fighters but facing Valentine's Toby, becomes a super man, often whirring drink. Think of the original Toby loyal love, man, like they enjoy the control of the husband's. Toby admits that he is, "with lady and insane body" a man should have a bit pot to have a big man character.Suceed called and asked me had been there side,dare first prove to the drainage, a few care about me.

Frankly the envy of Toby and Steven filming reflected her husband to visit the set from time to time, to accompany the banquet and receive work, "I like insane body of his girlfriend, want to have a dare wife." Steven laughed and said that their emotional drama sweet and nausea,"sometimes finished then playback, themselves really want to vomit."

In addition,Steven is the first official involved in radio drama and praising the shooting time is comfortable and easy.Asked to hope that the multi point the filming wireless drama ? He said : "prior to filming in the mainland is very hard, even if you can back to the hotel to rest, have always felt that the rest Well enough, so good filming in Hong Kong, returning to the family survive can drink a the grandmother pot of soup!" In addition, Toby as close friend recently pass each other pregnant,Toby stressed that no matter, said he would never tell lies.

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