Saturday, 5 May 2012

Who In The Mirror Synopsis

The story originated from a horror legend, midnight, point two candles in front of the mirror, the mirror cutting apple, not to broken skin, you can see a ghost in the mirror.
The early years of the republic, the warlord period. Five beautiful people came to the eerie witch town, explore the legendary "mirror ghost'', but a mysterious force to breathe in the mirror, or the tragic death in front of the mirror, mirror on the oozing gurgle blood. Remaining a beautiful according to the legend of the way, came the most bizarre ancient mirror, lit candles, cutting apple, herself in the mirror, coldly looked at her in the mirror outside. A pale hand in the mirror sticking out ...
Although only a legend,
"Who In The Mirror'' all the crew but no one dared to try. You dare?

Credts : Baidu

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