Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kenny Kwan Cross Weigh Race the Car

Kenny Kwan filming in the hot day with the costume,suffering badly.

Kenny Kwan went to Hengdian to film the ancient drama "追鱼传奇" braved more than 30 degree heat wearing a costume can be said to suffer in silence.Kenny microblogging message yesterday disclose a car accident : "In wet weather in the morning,the time of the incident will only shout loudly OMG,and then of the reactions to the sluggish state of inner peace after rapid heart beat, cold sweat.Thank you, brother driver to let me understand what a crash !"

Kenny sat in the car and one for motorcycles collided with the original,he witnessed the whole process,he estimated that the motorcyclist should be injured,and he without problems and then take another car to the venue to start.

Credits : adf
Personal Notes : Take care !!

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