Friday, 11 May 2012

''Who In The Mirror' cold blood breaking summer,mirror ghost appeared in 14 June 2012

Favorite horror film that fans are looking forward to a long standing by director 牛朝阳 new work together with  Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee and others such as many popular star of the youth thriller in "Who In The Mirror" has finally confirmed the release date which is 14 June 2012. With the release date of the announcement, the third official 21 posters released with exposure.Hit thriller, suspense, youth ''Who In The Mirror'' will have an icy quiet town, a cold blooded, ruthless killer mirror ghost, cold bursts late at night to explore, lowered the temperature for the hot summer of 2012.

In the third official poster, the mirror image of the ghost is further highlighted. In the middle of the hero and heroine sit on both sides, representing the region of very large aspect ratio, side antique large mirror on the left edge of the broken lens. The most important role in the broken mirror to break out, is "Who In The Mirror'', the mirror ghost. The grim expression and blood long fingernails, confirmed the widespread speculation of previous users. Yes, the middle of the night ''Who In The Mirror'' will implement the cattle 牛朝阳 director before filming commitment to offer a roller coaster horror experience.

Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" produced by Beijing Oriental Song Dian Culture Communication Co.Ltd.The story originated from a horror legend widely spread in China's civil - midnight, sitting in front of the mirror point two candles in the mirror little apple, not to broken skin, you can see in the mirror, the mirror ghost. Creative they can be described as terrorist in creating an atmosphere under the feet of the original capital, vowing to let the majority of the audience experience to a back cold chill in the summer heat this year.

Credits : ent.163

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