Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Who In The Mirror" exposure special film,the stars singing the ghost of the drive mirror

Youth thriller starring a number of popular stars from 牛朝阳 director,Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee,Zhang Jun Han,Vicki Tsui and etc."Who In The Mirror" recently released second making youth supernatural.Making through this, we will learn how horror spark when a group of beautiful people to encounter the most bizarre and supernatural mysterious force projection.

Five Main Character,Youthful and Beautiful

As a youth thriller, "Who In The Mirror" five starring the new generation of young beautiful idol. Played the roled of Kwong Hang by Kenny Kwan were formed as the members of Boy'z with Steven Cheung in the year of 2003,then gains numerous awards.Maggie Lee in the year of 2006 Animation Festival, played the role of 飞烟 ,a super sexy dress play a computer game the racecourse situation "models raised concerns the after Hong Kong's media affectionately call" animation Maggie.Vicki Tsui who plays wild girl college before singing, dancing, showing off the field of art and other art talent, one admission was named to the Beijing Film Academy, a 02-session school beauty.

Played the role of 少锦 by Zhang Jun Han in the underworld situation of the large thermal network drama Northeast the past 20 years using the superb acting depicts a development from the Veterans to the characters of the underworld chiefs, harvest users definitely. Played with jade and has been awarded the Champion of the World Miss Tourism of the thirteenth annual Queen Contest, the 14th Miss Tourism Annual Queen Contest ambassador, the majority of users as the new generation of "Lady" spokesperson. In addition to the important supporting role of film - old Shanghai four beautiful, actor more are the Internet and media celebrities, sexy models, the College new and cross-sweet sister. Young beautiful lineup, "Who In The Mirror" but also live up to their own "youth" label.

The supernatural, ghost mirror mischief

A horror legend - "Who In The Mirror" story of the origin of widespread in China's civil midnight, sitting in front of the mirror point two candles in the mirror little apple,not to broken skin, you can in the mirrorseen in the mirror ghost. Beginning of the movie is difficult to explain with mirror ghost killings. For some reason, five starring came to the birthplace of the mirror ghost legend - witch town. Under the leadership of Kwong Hang[Kenny Kwan], everyone decided to uncover the true face of the mirror ghost legend. Unexpectedly, five people came to the witch town, supernatural events occur one after another the.

Although these five young people do not believe in ghosts heresy, but in front of all prove that the mirror ghost in the mirror of all the witch town. As legend, who according to the mirror in the middle of the night, you will surely die. Supernatural death, mirror ghost haunted, mysterious shadows around the five beautiful surrounding, so play reluctant to leave the chill of terror.

Crew shooting at the base had several outbreaks of inconvenience to the supernatural speaking, the local old people teach us a way to sing the exorcism. So, we have seen Kenny Kwan and Maggie Lee who sang in the horror film factory tidbits. Who would have thought that these surfaces song and laughter, actually hides a strange reason ...

Middle of the night, mirror, ghost.Troubled times, supernatural, ghosts. A hotbed of pale ghost hand mirror slowly stretched out, stretched, frolicking in the bedroom ... in addition to one of a struggle, crying, spurting, tragic death, they can what? 90 minutes of terror experience, depth of 120 trembling, dare you to do? June 14, be afraid! Scream! ! Please crazy! ! !

Credits : ent.qq
Personal Notes : Seems interesting,hope I can watch it on Youku or somewhere website when it released since Tudou is kinda a slow website to me >< 
Kenny's role seems really interesting !

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