Friday, 18 May 2012

''Who In The Mirror'' released the ''fear'' posters

''Who In The Mirror'' "fear" series  posters : "Fear of Magic"

''Who In The Mirror'' "fear" series  posters : ''Fear of Life''

''Who In The Mirror'' "fear" series  posters : ''Fear of Love''

Movie channel, movie network has exclusive rights to the youthful thriller "Who in The Mirror" by 牛朝阳 director, Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee and many popular stars starring, the film has atone bursts of 5 posters. Different from the published three posters focusing on introduction of the release date, this period of 5 posters have a common theme - "I'm afraid." Official definition of five posters for "fear of the series of movie-mode version of poster" and one do not have some profound meaning.

The movie mode poster "Who In The Mirror" release new concept. Because the films and the Hollywood mainstream commercial films like extra-wide screen projection. Frame ratio of the 2:4:1, in order to provide the audience a greater viewing angle, a better view, and a stronger sense of substitution. The group of "movie-mode version of poster is using a the superscope frame than. The five posters look down, you can experience in advance the film a strong visual impact.

"Who In The Mirror" is the standard horror genre, the audience eager to get inside the theater experience is the "fear". The film provides the most emotional "fear". However, the same fear, will be afraid of different things, and the depth of the rely solely on death when a horror film, low-level means of the injured, bleeding and other people "fear" will be the prevalent custom.牛朝阳 director in the creation of "Who In The Mirror'', deliberately and screenwriter team organized three seminars specifically designed to the level of" fear ". So only now described in the poster "I'm afraid the dream", "afraid of change","fear of Magic", "I'm afraid the situation," ''fear of life''.

With the opportunities presented by the new poster released by the 牛朝阳 director gave audience an invitation : "Who In The Mirror'' the main character in a completely different personality, but all have hearts a deep fear of things that the film will be intensely frightened points, but also in the type, style, technique, the actual situation, physiological and psychological aspects of the same, I am committed to the ''roller coaster'' experience. Maybe you dare, but you will not daring to what afraid. I am confident that each audience will be in the "Who In The Mirror" run into things you are afraid or lens. If you have the same self-confidence, June 14, have the courage to photos!

Credits : m1905

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