Friday, 4 May 2012

Who In The Mirror exposure poster to fans to guess who will die

Who In The Mirror Family Poster
Directed by 牛朝阳 director,Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee and other youth thriller starring popular stars "Who In The Mirror'' will be shown nationwide in June, the impending onslaught of the year's best horror thriller. The film side has announced the second of the series of 21 posters, the film's first family portrait poster.

Net Ease Entertainment reported on May 4 directed by 牛朝阳 director, Kenny Kwan Maggie Lee and other popular stars starring the youth horror piece,"Who In The Mirror" will be held in June the national release, the year's most horror thriller is about to be struck. The film side has announced the second of the series of 21 posters, the film's first family portrait poster. The six starred in the shape will be exposed.

"Who In The Mirror" first official poster, because its mirror before the girl of large scale scantily clad, and the shape of the mirror face and extreme terror, a release has caused a great uproar. Very intuitive visual impact with the first poster, posters shall be in the form of the family, a series of solemn atmosphere of suspense. The poster six starring full debut, although in different styles, but all in the eyes of puzzled horror to the poster outside the body at different positions, there is a trail of blood.

Type of terrorist thriller film enthusiasts know, the type of thriller of teen idols images certainly have to be ghosts or perverted villain killed the victims. As a classic genre, "Who In The Mirror" of course, will die a lot of people with the audience into an atmosphere of terror from the enormous pressure of ghosts and death, so that we compare the real life general pressure of relaxation. So,''Who In The Mirror'' six beautiful, who would have life? Who died?

Kenny Kwan,Hong Kong super handsome guy, played the role of Kwong Hang going to die? (Front row, center)

Played by Hong Kong tender mode Maggie Lee,Fei Ash will not live to the end? (Front right)

Less decorated north east past the explosion of red network Zhang Jun Han Jin will die? (Back row, right)

Weak Man Sha are decorated with jade will have survived? (Back row, second from right)

Tomboys Tsui Man Hsuan played wild girl mirror ghost engulfed you? (Back row, left)

Lying on the picture style woman, 姜梦茹 played Ms really dead?

The terrible ghost in the middle of the mirror, she would ...... alive you? Or she will die? ......

Audience familiar with the thriller, you can guess they live and who shall die? Believe bewildering supernatural weird plot is difficult to guess ! The film side to please the viewers to participate through the form of microblogging and other activities "Who In The Mirror" guess who died ? All guess and have access to the mystery prize. Wrong by the opportunity to get free movie tickets, please correct answer to the theater to watch.

Credits : ent.163
Personal Notes : OMG !!!So excited but what ??Kwong Hang (Kenny Kwan) going to die ??But,anyway,might not be real....waiting for it to released....and yeah....still suffering to watch The Legend of Swordman....sorry for delaying it again and again...

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