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"Who In The Mirror" under the ruthless hand of the young men are disfigured

"Who In The Mirror" young men disfigured appearance

Will be landing on June 14 the youth of the national cinema thriller "Who In The Mirror" recent spate of burst a large number of "flavors".This also allows the film the two starring Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han's fans become tenterhooks.The film side is unusually strong fan response : "At midnight, not according to the mirror in order to shoot the real terrorist lens and had to "scare" ruthless hand. Even Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han flowers handsome and big handsome guy, they have disfigured appearance."

The famous Hong Kong artist Kenny Kwan has been shaped into a handsome young male, regardless of the appearance of modern drama or costume drama the audience love and affection endless. For example "The Legend of Swordman" some time ago hit, played by Kenny Kwan costume Zhao Wu Ji and Zhao Xiao Zhao, fashion, so that animal in nature for a long time for many young viewers.Northeast man was born in Anshan,Liaoning, Zhang Jun Han, graduated from Beijing Film Academy 2004 performing undergraduate classes. Zhao Hongbing of network drama "northeast past the underworld situation 20 years played the hero is a character development to the underworld chiefs from the Veterans, won the "tough guy" reputation.

In the beginning of the casting 牛朝阳 director set stringent standards - two actor Kwong Hang and 少锦 must be handsome to the first glance you can recline to a female audience. The spirit of such a principle, the piece in more than 200 candidate selected young men,Kenny Kwan and handsome tough guy,Zhang Jun Han played by Kwong Hang and 少锦 "Who In The Mirror".The opposite of the two popular guy in the film, became fans are most concerned about hot spots.

In the recently released trailer of the film side,the role of posters and the making of the attentive audience to find their beloved Kenny Kwan and Zhang Jun Han has a face studded with lens and extremely tragic. The film side responded that this is a sacrifice that must be made in order to build a new realm of domestic horror film thriller. Two idol through microblogging and other forms of comfort of their own fans. Kenny Kwan said : "The director told the earliest I will let my lens disfigured when my agent concerns, but I do not mind, we went for the horror film it." Zhang Jun Han said : "Disfigured is certainly more miserable, but in order to shock the audience, but also value."

Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" crew meticulously crafted the rich content of terror, psychological, and physical all the flavors content everywhere. It can be said that in order to "scare" the audience, the film crew and actors have been hard to summon up the resolve. June 14, be afraid! Scream! Tremble!

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