Friday, 25 May 2012

Steven love to play and chase the chaotic beauties

EEG artist Steven Cheung into line so far scandal not impressive more profound love with Sherman Chung,have believed in thelord, he admitted that the Mahogany Lover, tried to promiscuity girlfriend: "I feel the edge of a pretty with the drainage dating, play zo 5,6 years, playing to gui, in recent years, spiritual cultivation, every step recite clear. "asked whether fear of being opening old history, he said that everyone has in the past, not worry about settling old scores, the most important is the courage to face their own clear conscience.

Steven also blew Taiwan beauties,Annie Liu is the goddess of his mind, and praising the other party has a unique appeal and look forward to the opportunity to cooperate, but his self-deprecating too shy, did not dare to declare "love" to each other.

Credits : On.CC

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