Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Just some short notice

Hey,just some short notice about myself,I'm going to have an exam next week,so sorry if I delay any translation about news or updated pictures but I'll be online....and I'll be busy all over weeks since besides my exams,I'll  have lacks of projects =.=''
But I'll still update just that might be late and also some short videos I uploaded in Youtube,kinda old but nice to listen,and yeah I didn't open a Fan Club account for Youtube but using my personal,hope you guys don't mind...

A video of Kenny and Bie singing I Need Somebody 
in Thailand for a music festival ''Amazing MUSIC''
[p.s. I have credits the video to the owner]

This video is the one singing月光光 but not sure
why it's a kinda short clip...

The previous video I made myself with the
themesong 手足

Hope all of you like it =)

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