Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vincy sweep home products to fight on the margin

Singer,Vincy was with his hair stylist boyfriend Ziv dating for six months are in love, two suspected having same love nest, recently sweeping goods in the home goods shop assistant, senior Steven Cheung and junior Adason Lo accompanied with her selection of pillows, tableware and bath supplies "hit the margin".

Rumors saying dragging shoot,Vincy had publicly disclosed its intention to buy a big house, and her assistant, Steven,and Adason Lo, accompanied by home goods store shopping, shopping in a big circle in the shop, they begin to test ride different models of sofas. Although the shop has many customers recognize Vincy, from time to time, pointing behind her, but her whole heartedly ignored, but also to remove the idol identity burden jump on the sofas they sit positional test is clear and comfortable degrees, can be described as fun. Since then, she picked the bedroom supplies, her pillows and cushions o Johnson's very demanding, in addition with powder face snapping pillow test soft givers, from time to time vigorously to mad fing, and test pillows flexibility to believe that she would like her boyfriend feel good fen.

Vincy pick finished the bedding, then in company with her assistant to buy toiletries, respectively look toothbrushes, bathrobes and slippers, all playing margin, more people unlimited Lenovo, her pick is just a softcolor,like a bathrobe is apricot blue with the toothbrush is red and blue, reminiscent of the owner should be a man and a woman. When she saw shelves and India have both the English name of head of the "V" and "Z" word cup, that is to stop research and chief finger, but in the end she picked out the patterns printed on the cup.

Vincy then pick the champagne shower gel, scented candles left off, by supporting a large candle mad "plan",it is estimated that she is the mood of the people, hi dip aromatherapy bubble bath. Line for nearly an hour, she stopped sitting on the sofa to rest, a collection with Steven and Adason Lo,the trio kept thick to pour, mad mortgage directory and look wall clock hanging on the wall.

Interior design of the Trio

Recently, the reporter call Vincy asked whether the products ready to buy a given home and living with her boyfriend ? She says with a laugh : "I intend to move so, but in conjunction with Steven and Adason Lo,interior designer to help design hotel with personal style, generous rooms,go on picking the design of the room generous supplies." Asked to take the opportunity to boyfriend to buy household goods? She said: "Well it GOD ! In short,I am drainage with love life sweet!! Go has helped the drainage the air the GOD Commodity generous!"

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