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Kenny Kwan : Farewell Regret Youth

10 years already and now find it impossible not bid farewell to the youth, but this time a new start, the largest growth : With the experience and know how to fight.Photography : 梁细
20 years old boy of the future will have a lot of better vision.Ten years ago,Kenny Kwan,who just turned 20 years old, shooting TV serials of the Hong Kong RTHK, just do not want to regret it. To 30 years old,you have to worry about many things, family, or not allow you to leave two months. "Unknowingly in front of the little boy had been "thirty"."

Debut more than a decade,Kenny whose name most of something to do with Hins Cheung sex scandal, stardom ups and downs, just like the lyrics in his song "masterpiece" : "like a concert too long, there is no winning singer of the song."

Still remember in 2001, Kenny involved in the shooting of the youth of Hong Kong RTHK Summer inspirational drama "Y2K +01" shooting debut at the screen, a pair of the wizard's eyes, full of sunshine boy next door image, impressive."It was actually heads, write the program has over ten monthly salary. So, when is the time to shoot "Y2K" shoot graduated return to work."

From Village Migratting to City

Kenny originally the spirit of fan mentality of filming, because close to see the first two series there have been an actor, Rain Li, Alex Fong. "It's like countryman migrating into cities" publicity,along with Twins also made me an eye opening. In addition, the shooting of the desalination plant, for each day are laughing and joking, not really work, as if every day are sleeping woke up to eat or shoot a few scenes, I have no concept of shooting, only to feel that everything is fresh, with filming now the two feel."

Kenny in recent years,China and Hong Kong both sides to go on stage from time to time filming "earn RMB",he said, sometimes miss the Y2K era, was the reality with the story, with several different backgrounds of young people to establish pure friendship.Now filming know work, and to overcome the hard environment taken with shallots years different from each other to ingratiate themselves with friends with the actor. Remember (Y2K) evil section day, we all hugged crying now all know that a lot when the actor friendship is build up in the filming (established), the film completion may no longer have contacts."

For the Dream to Fight

Stepped into the entertainment business,opportunity after another.Kenny and Steven Cheung in 2003 together as group Boy'z,2005, independently of the development until 2010, once again reorganized Boy'z starting.Transformed by the boy next door for the mature sportsman, Kenny, laughed and said that is to go with the flow : a decade, and now can not bid farewell to the youth, but this time a new start, the largest growth: With the experience, know how to fight. Decade before my filming only know the dream, but years later, I dream I will know how to take the initiative to fight."

The face of a grow under the original is no longer ignorant,sentimental.

Profile : 

Debut: In the year of 2003 with Steven Cheung as the Hong Kong cantopop group Boy'z.
Awe-inspiring history : The early debut across the radio of the new awards. Restructuring Boy'z 2010 masterpiece "Ready To Go" and for "Sexy Body"

Credits : 晴報's Weibo & column.etnet

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