Tuesday, 29 May 2012

牛朝阳 Director : "Who In The Mirror" is "Real" Horror

 "Who In The Mirror" will be released on June 14,the film-viewing desires of the fans is heating up with the fastest speed.Its scream trailer released about a week, total traffic has more than 2 million, an announcement of flavors, injuries version the role of poster, also cause fans of the "wow" sound one. Around the thriller fans are similar together to end their theater experience this terror trip.

Suspense film directed by film director 牛朝阳 last year to "床下有人" has created 18 million at the box office, the good results of the annual thriller, the only pressure is the same schedule the introduction of films made ​​films. Reporters interviewed film director 牛朝阳, confidence in the 牛朝阳 director, said : "I can feel the enthusiasm of the fans than the "床下有人" is also high. Film photographed Part III, already on the market and the audience certain degree of understanding, I do not worry about "Who In The Mirror" at the box office, more concerned about the reputation of the film after many viewers watched the trailer, we all want to see, but worried that not enough domestic thriller thriller, boring I give the commitment, this time I shot the middle of the night do not look in the mirror "is a real thriller, a real horror film. we do not play to imitate, do not get the cottage, not the name of the guise of a lie."Who In The Mirror" and some really positive terror."

Make up a bed film regret, how scared people and how it comes

Last year,牛朝阳 director launched the suspense genre "床下有人" rigorous description of the merits and fine photography by the audience. At the same time,many viewers expressed regret that the film suspense more than, frightened. In the face of such feedback,牛朝阳 director said : "hear the audience on the "床下有人" impartial evaluation, I discovered how strong their desire to the genre. We, as filmmakers, should not only myself to do one kind of movie, but should think of the movie viewers want to see how the regret of the audience for my films is to startle the point of too little, that my new work "Who In The Mirror" must be in the horror and terror, these two types of elements taken, how scary how to."

Ultra dense terror, the field is still in Hollywood

Understand why Hollywood genre popular with viewers,and that on the basis of why do not we done better it ?牛朝阳 director asked the team to the imagination in the design of more intensive thriller plot and update the terror of the odd picture."Who In The Mirror" to maintain "a small scare of three minutes, five minutes a scared" intensive horror point. Tense rhythm, the comic impact of the large number of terrorist lens, so that the entire viewing experience is like a roller coaster.

牛朝阳 director said : "In order to be able to frighten the audience, we the audience as "an imaginary enemy" to do a lot of effort. First of all, on the density of the lens in the terrorist than a Hollywood horror film is much higher. From start to finish,"Who In The Mirror" will not give the audience any respite. to this end, we passed a rigorous script writing, the suspense of the film is retained until the end of a lens. Secondly, the design of the terror lens, we fully tap China's ownnational culture and folklore with the imagination of the screenwriter team and camera crew, "Who In The MIrror" elements of the supernatural, horror, murder, gore, violence, and more with Chinese characteristics. these horrific scene, the audience in a foreign countryyard chip is invisible. As a result, even a film-reading countless horror film fans, "In the middle of the night Do not look in the mirror" nervous tension."

Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" story of the origin of a horror legend widely spread in China's civil - midnight point two candles sitting in front of the mirror, the mirror little apple, not to broken skin, it iscan be seen in the mirror, the mirror ghost. The film will be released nationwide on June 14, the film side Cordially all your favorite thriller friends, have the courage to look in!

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