Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Steven's Til Love Do Us Lie Pass

Credits : Steven's Instagram
Personal Notes : Ahh !!The pass look so cool !

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Boy'z @ EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012 Pictures

Kenny @ EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012

Personal Notes : Oh,this was a news for the Lady GaGa tickets...his expression is so cute and funny !!You can watch it on On.Tv !

EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012 Pictures

EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012 was held on February 27 and there's 76 seats.Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Leo Ku,Twins, Raymond Lam,Wong Cho Lam, Mag Lam,Vincy,Sherman Chung, William Chan, Yumiko, Boy'z,Deep Ng,Alex Hung,Gary Cheng,Bin,Wu Qiong,Michelle,Kathy and  Carlos Chan attented.

Brother Ng Yu announced a happy news during the event that TV King,Kevin Cheng, joined EEG,also announced the company's development projects, allows guests to understand the corporate actions for the coming year. Bin,Wong Cho Lam and other artist performs on their performances on that day.

During the event,brother Jacky donated a hundred thousand to the guest lottery.

Credits : EEG

Monday, 27 February 2012

Kenny Kwan groan Hins Cheng flutter GaGa fly

Kenny Kwan and Yumiko Cheng appeared in the EEG's reception, Kenny have called Hins to help him buy Lady GaGa Macau concert tickets, referring to each other,there's only one ticket ? He said:''Department?I want 10 tickets !Luckily,I have called my co-workers to buy and now I have two tickets,I can go with Sherman Chung.Kenny and Yumiko also opt for recent busy Fan continent looking for IT personnel, Aberdeen.

Credits : EEG
Personal Notes : He's a Lady GaGa fans ?I know he used to crazy for Lana Del Rey....well,I'm just a Hong Kong fans not even Korea...and seems someone interested in Overseas.

Boy'z @ EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012

Credits :  诚利千代经纪人棉花,YankeeW,盧永仁博士,蔡卓妍FashionStudio,Kennie2011,kelvindad陳浩源,張致恒官方國際歌迷會,小龍Cathy & KK_BOX 2011's Weibo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kenny @ 皇鳳港式燒烤 @ 2012-2-25

Credits : Kenny & 上目眼鏡店Kelvin’s Weibo
Personal Notes : OMG,OMG & OMG !!!Can't stop starring at it !!!!So cool,so handsome !!Haha,as usual but the best thing is it's in HD !!I seriously like these pictures !!!

The Legend of Swordman Episode 14

Personal Notes : Yay !!Finally can see Kenny in modern again !! ^__^

Congrats again !!!

Yay !!Congrats !!!Boy'z was in ranking number 8 for their song 《Sexy Body》 in Jade Solid Gold !! ^___^

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Legend of Swordman Episode 13

Personal Notes : Episode 13 wasn't nice at all...the girl who'll fall in love with Kenny in this series is really bad...and I seriously dislike her in anything including life,sorry to her fans...I think the starting is a lot better !