Monday, 13 February 2012

《半夜不要照镜子》advance fixing crew staff power

Youth thriller starring Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee,and other popular stars,''Who In The Mirror'' on February 12,10 point official fixing, a day earlier than originally planned fixing date (February 13). Be able to advance fixing, the director said : "before doing the shooting plan, you set aside one day, in order to delay what a scene film is unsatisfactory, you can Bupai. But now no need Bupai the the content, so they one day in advance to wrap up. 

Be able to create a rare, early film and television within the crank, the whole crew of members' contributions are withheld. The photography team,''Who In The Mirror'' before they worked with director box office sold under the bed was can be described as collaboration between old partner.The Huayao bride and Labyrinth works lighting team had previously worked with the famous directorand experienced. Other department staff are also experienced leader and energetic team members the perfect combination. Shot more than 10 days, the crew of the ''Who in The Mirror'' act in harmony, work efficiency, is to force, the quality and quantity to complete the plan of the director of the film who was able to achieve the advance fixing of the miracle.

Fixing,''Who In The Mirror'' will be transferred to the more important post production stage. As we all know, the thriller, especially pay attention to creating an atmosphere. These late dimming color, sound dubbing, and computer special effects, will be the film to achieve a unique audio visual atmosphere of the most powerful protection. Music director to switch over cattle Chaoyang, the first two works of the "big players" and "bed" soundtrack has been the praise of fans of this new nature will not let you down. With the substantial increase in investment, ''Who In The Mirror'' will add more computer special effects shots in order to achieve a more visual spectacle.

A horror legend ''Who In The Mirror'' story originated from widespread in China's civil midnight, sitting in point two candles in front of the mirror, the mirror  not to broken skin, you can see the ghost in the mirror. The movie is expected release date is May 2012.

Credits : Sina
Personal Notes : Yay,it finally finished filming and remember it is just expect,expect to release on May 2012,expect !

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