Wednesday, 22 February 2012

《半夜不要照镜子》rough cut to generate a roller coaster effect of the early

Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee, and other youth thriller starring popular stars ''Who In The Mirror'' recently completed under the personal supervision of the director's rough cut version generation. Cattle director before the shooting,had expressed the hope that his new film can bring audio-visual enjoyment of the audience roller coaster. The rough cut version, basically a small scare of three minutes, five minutes a big scare, a roller coaster, the prototype already have.

The rough cut process, the director of the cattle had asked too many friends in the industry and non-industry friends came to watch with reference to the opinions and suggestions of the people, fully in line with the departure from the audience enjoy the habit. In the first cut, cattle director found to have a lot of photographers and then beat a very hard lens, on-chip yard, but will lead to some of the general audience to understand obstacles, which would disrupt the film's overall pace , then only reluctantly part. "Some passages in order to highlight the audio and visual effects of shock and lens convergence and smooth, often a few frames and a few frames have to adjust two or three hours. Been staring at the editors of cattle director quipped: "staring at a few frames the screen to stare too dead, and finally adjusted, feel with their own vision decline."

Light of past experience, the first cut special attention to the views of ordinary viewers.Cattle director and even from time to time invited the neighbors of their own home temporary "guest" - they play to cut the beginning of the paragraph, and seriously listen to their real views.Through the communication with the lay members, director cattle can more accurately understand the habits of the audience to create a sense of horror, atmosphere to appreciate. The film also many small details, and recommendations for the general audience, was amended to ensure that the movie is not installed advanced close to the general audience to appreciate habits.

''Who In The Mirror'' after the completion of the rough cut is about to enter the stage of voice, sound, music, visual roller coaster is about to evolve into the audio-visual roller coaster. A horror legend - ''Who In The Mirror'' story originated from widespread in China's civil midnight, sitting in point two candles in front of the mirror, the mirror Xiao Ping Guo, not to broken skin, you can in the mirror see the mirror ghost. The movie is expected to release this summer.

Credits : Sina

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