Thursday, 9 February 2012

Steven Cheung & Sherman Chung's Chap Goh Mei activities

Steven Cheung and Sherman Chung sex scandal men and women, the night before to attend the activities, but they got Yumiko,the ''light bulbs'', along with an interview. Asked three people how to celebrate the Spring Lantern Festival before? Steven said: "Lantern finished Zuo Hello Cooling! Go day to shoot wireless generous drama, good and busy after finishing watching movies. The system must be working, generous other half, Kenny Kwan will return but will be busy. 

Sherman Chung been asked : Why not accompany with Steven? She said: "Drainage Mao called me! In fact, Wu Ji would talk to all Do not know the Department of the Lantern Festival, But Bei Okay eat rice balls." And in the next Yumiko said that Valentine's Day about a large dinner with friends to celebrate 

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : Not sure for the translation,hopefully won't have much wrong...sorry !

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