Friday, 10 February 2012

To Thank All of You

I'm not sure untill now if there's anyone reading this blog or not,but I know I have some supporters who had been supporting me in Weibo and Tumblr.Thanks for the lovely supporting.But sometimes I have to say sorry to all of you because my Mandarin is very bad in reading so I can't have the correct translation sometimes.I'm really sorry in the same time,and I'll do better to all of you.Thanks to my beloved supporters.Thanks 關智斌後援會 for helping me in some ways when I don't know some words,or anything related to Kenny.Thanks for his help and he's so nice even if I annoyed him when I ask question,he don't mind.Thanks to him alot.Secondly,I have to thank Pink Joy and Sophear when I have bad translation,they help me alot in that way.But,I really really wanted to thank Kenny for his following in Weibo,I never expect that since mine wasn't a verified fan club.And to thank him,I really must do better in the coming days.I doesn't want anyone to get dissapointed in anyway.Thanks everyone for the support in the days !!!A million thanks from MMY !And the reason I choose this photo in this post,because I really want to thank you guys for supporting me and I'm as happy as Boy'z like their happiness in this picture now !

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