Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Steven wish you a Happy Valentines Day & Kenny wish you a Happy Belated Valentines Day

Steven Cheung's Weibo Updated ! : 祝大家情人節快樂![From Steven  Cheung's Weibo : ] 2012-2-14 01:57

Kenny Kwan's Weibo Updated ! : 終於回家跟我的情人見面。遲來的情人節快樂![From Kenny Kwan's Weibo : ] 2012-2-15 11:06

Credits : Steven & Kenny's Weibo
Personal Notes : I know I said I wouldn't post their updates on Weibo and same to Instagram but I think this was kinda special,I mean artist wish us Happy Valentines Day and Happy Belated Valentines Day so I'll post something that looks special to me ^__^

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