Thursday, 2 February 2012

Men's Uno Winter Special

Men's Uno recently in Mainland,Hong Kong and Taiwan to cook 30 hot male artists together to create a winter special, this time by the Hong Kong headquarters to send a special issue of the famous photographer in big budget production,with the title "2005 Chinese men and color new force" is the most eye-catching, seem to indicate the new season is about to storm the male color struck.

The most eye catching special color of the male star of Hong Kong's "Dragon Prince" Jaycee , wireless touted screen lover 

Ron Ng, Sammul Chan and Boy'z, Deep Ng, and Taiwan recently because idol dark horse of the model Mike He, Joe Cheng, Ethan Ruan,Mainland, we have the chief male model Li Qing,with "warm" popular Japanese sexy Guo Xiaodong and actor Xia Yu and others.

Credits : Sina
Personal Notes : Guys,so sorry,no screencaps in the coming few days,really busy,but I'll watch when I'm free and will share out.

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