Tuesday, 28 February 2012

EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012 Pictures

EEG & EMP Spring Banquet 2012 was held on February 27 and there's 76 seats.Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Leo Ku,Twins, Raymond Lam,Wong Cho Lam, Mag Lam,Vincy,Sherman Chung, William Chan, Yumiko, Boy'z,Deep Ng,Alex Hung,Gary Cheng,Bin,Wu Qiong,Michelle,Kathy and  Carlos Chan attented.

Brother Ng Yu announced a happy news during the event that TV King,Kevin Cheng, joined EEG,also announced the company's development projects, allows guests to understand the corporate actions for the coming year. Bin,Wong Cho Lam and other artist performs on their performances on that day.

During the event,brother Jacky donated a hundred thousand to the guest lottery.

Credits : EEG

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