Tuesday, 30 July 2013

追鱼传奇 Subsong

Solo themesong : http://youtu.be/x2sAnXBZ72E
Collab themesong : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia7iUH7sZGM

Saturday, 27 July 2013

F & H Daily Healthy Journey Updated Pictures

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Fully Appreciated !

Hey,thanks for those who went and watched it and made it 1000+ views and 16 likes also those great comments about Kenny and Li Ying.Fulyl appreciated it,very seldom to get this amount,and yeah,maybe I should really watch it....must really find a way =\

For those who hadn't watch it,you can watch it here XD

Asia Top 10 Most Handsome

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Friday, 26 July 2013

"The Fox Lover" Kenny's peculiar character is the most handsome and cool

Kenny's role is a fairly unique role and he also stands on the two important plots.He is a special exsistence,海蝠王 and him has an inextricably linked to his existence.He is also 海蝠王's most great 智将,not only for their ideas to contribute many insidious poison meter,also knows how to creat the oppurnities to kill the female fox.However,this beautiful demon also has a hidden secret that is about 海蝠王's heart deepest emotional secrets.

Director 牛朝阳 said about Kenny's performances : Every character of "The Fox Lover" has their bright spot.Kenny Kwan's great grasp has contrast the outside and inside.

Credits : YNet

"The Foxer Lover" 3D Gorgeous Visual Effect-Kenny Kwan as A Demon

The Fox Lover is going to be release on the 28 of September.This fall is about to usher in the Chinese National Day movie history file first truly "real 3D" magical masterpiece.From this film,it can be seen as a love,3D action film,magic film,ups and downs of the plot and structural film especially in the art can be described as crafted, magical color and intensity, the Western magical doctrine and Eastern mysticism perfect blend of aesthetics and, therefore, has many fans expectations.

Besides,a Hong Kong actor Kenny Kwan is going to be a demon "most smart" in this film,is to be integrated into the gothic style, dark and gorgeous.He fully reflects the role of sinister and soft.This role as a villain second figure, with a high tiger to play the number one villain Sea Bat stark contrast, looks gorgeous charm, he was not the king of the sea bat manic and brutal, showing feminine alternative even sentimental atmosphere, with even under more calm than ghastly. Kenny Kwan in the grasp of the role is in place, to be molded into a very scheming young men, became the film "The Fox Lover" this oriental fantasy story of an indispensable role. Let us look forward to September 28 on the big screen to see a special Kenny Kwan.

Credits : Sina

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Upcoming New Hengdian Series

Kenny Kwan and Benny Chan is going to be in a new series together called Mad Monk.

Credits : Kenny's Weibo

Happy Camp Updated Pictures

Credits : Kenny Kwan Baidu Bar's Weibo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Steven Cheung Admits One-Night Stand, Lengmo Keiko Insists They Dated

Yesterday 21 year old 'lengmo' Keiko disclosed to [Oriental Daily] she had a relationship with Steven Cheung 4-5 years ago. At the time, the 24 year old Steven went on a few dates with Keiko and then got her to sleep with him. After their one-night stand, they broke up because Steven neglected her.

But yesterday Steven denied several times of ever dating Keiko in a phone interview. He only admitted their one-night stand, but does not acknowledge her as a girlfriend. He said: "There was indeed an one-night stand. I've done a lot of bad things in the past. (It was with Keiko?) Actually I don't know her Chinese or English name. It was only after a friend send me the article that I remembered this incident." He admitted Keiko was his "one-night stand" sex partner, but after that one night, they were not in contact again. Keiko teased he "completed the work" in a few minutes. Steven helplessly said: "Whatever, its just a matter of opinion."

Asked if he's upset with Keiko for disclosing his privacy? Steven generously expressed he is not upset. He will face his mistake with courage and be responsible for what he did. He said: "I blame myself. Men has their needs, its just too bad I was lascivious! But after I started believing in God, I've been striving hard to change my bad habits. Give me some time." Steven expressed he's currently busy filming series and preparing for his new gospel album, so he has no time or interest to look at the Lengmos' photo books. Steven expressed if he does see Keiko again, he will feel awkward, but will still greet her or he can be friends with her too. He is not worried of other Lengmos exposing things.

Keiko accepted a phone interview as well. In regards to Steven denying ever dating her? She insisted: "I have dated him before. I'm not afraid to admit it. Guys are just lowly! (He said he just had one-night stand with you!) He has bad memory!" To prove she's not lying, Keiko recalled how Steven pursued her. She said Steven used the excuse of him being a public figure and it wasn't convenient for him to go out in public, so he wanted her to go to his house. When they were dating, Steven called her nonstop expressing his love and kept telling her: "I really love you, I really miss you." He told Keiko his rumors with Sherman Chung were just for entertainment news.

Turned Cold After One Night Stand 

Claiming she really loved Steven, Keiko said: "We dated for a month before having sex. He was the first guy I had an intimate relationship with. At the time I was just 17 years old." But then Keiko turned around and criticized he was heartless and was a two-timer. "After that night, he was really cold to me. He even called me and said Sherman Chung got very upset because the media found out we were dating. He wanted me to call Sherman to explain. After I called Sherman to tell her Steven and I weren't together, me and Steven were no longer in contact." Keiko expressed after she was miserably abandoned, she felt so heartbroken she fell into depression and thought about committing suicide. She was fortunate to have family and friends comfort her, that she was able to get back up and start over.

Sherman Chung: Don't Mention the Past 

When Sherman learned about Steven admitting about his past relationship, she said: "I'm proud of him. I've watched him grow and after all I've known him for too long. When I saw his news, I knew the people who love him won't be happy about this. Also, I don't want to talk about the past." Sherman greatly supported Steven is a true man. "He is very brave. He just bluntly admitted it. I know he's learning to be a responsible man. I will pray for him, it's a part of growing up and the process of maturing. The Steven today is not the same as the Steven from the past."

Credits : Asian Fanatic

Sherman Chung : Dont' Mention About the Past

Steven's rumored girlfriend Sherman Chung accept a telephone interview yesterday.When Sherman knows about Steven admitted about his past love,he praise to Steven.Sherman said : I'm proud of him,seeing the way he grown up,seen about this news,his close friends and everyone will be happy for him,and all the past no need to say already.

Sherman also said that Steven is a real man : He is very courageous,acknowledge the wrongs,knows how to solve the problems,I will be grateful for him,in this moment he wasn't the old Steven.

Credits : On.CC

"漏M'' Steven stand in two boats

Keiko accepted the radio interview.Steven refused that Steven had dated you before.Keiko insisted : "I had dated with him,I do not scared to admit,"係男人小家"[I have no idea how to translate this eventhough I understand it...](He said he only one night stand with you ?)Poor memory ah !

As the evidence that she did not lie : Keiki detailing that Steven wanna to tackle her,Steven reasons refer to public figures might because he will be inconvinient to go out,must go to Steven's house to date and Steven keep saying : "I really love you,i really miss you !" and also said that Steven's rumored with Sherman is only entertainment hype.

Keiko who still loved Steven said : After one month dating only occur xxx,it was my first intimacy with guys,I'm only 17 that time" But Steven turned and inserted twice, and the crazy boyfriend unfeeling and a number of both worlds.

Credits : On.CC
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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunday Club Updated Pictures

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追鱼传奇 Updated Picture

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

追鱼传奇 Updated Pictures

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追鱼传奇 Changsha Meet The Fans and Shake Hand Session Updated Pictures

Credits : 驍驍靡茶 & Kenny Kwan Baidu Bar's Weibo