Monday, 15 July 2013

Kenny Kwan drink elixir to reduce heat(hotness)

Kenny Kwan attended Hunan's 追鱼传奇 press conference in the previous days.During the time he was filming,wearing thick costumes under around 40 degree places,he had heat stroke that time.Fortunately,the crew take good care of him,everyone gave him one "very hard to drink elixir" for him "藿香正氣水" and also prepares him some soup and fan before the completion of filming.

Beside wearing thick costume,Kenny still need to handle on the "hanging scene" to drop down to the water scene.Although it's hard and everything,bu he thinks it's worth for it.He said : "These three months,I gave myself a day holiday,I was training for my acting skills everyday,do not dare to say now my acting skills are very good but seen that I had imporved,but also still need to tain more on the acting skills."In the end of the month,Kenny will go Hengdian to film,very rare in Hong Kong now,still thinking to look for house.

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : Aww,that's so...poor thing,thank God,eh's OK XD Hoping for a good result in this series !

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