Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"漏M'' Steven stand in two boats

Keiko accepted the radio interview.Steven refused that Steven had dated you before.Keiko insisted : "I had dated with him,I do not scared to admit,"係男人小家"[I have no idea how to translate this eventhough I understand it...](He said he only one night stand with you ?)Poor memory ah !

As the evidence that she did not lie : Keiki detailing that Steven wanna to tackle her,Steven reasons refer to public figures might because he will be inconvinient to go out,must go to Steven's house to date and Steven keep saying : "I really love you,i really miss you !" and also said that Steven's rumored with Sherman is only entertainment hype.

Keiko who still loved Steven said : After one month dating only occur xxx,it was my first intimacy with guys,I'm only 17 that time" But Steven turned and inserted twice, and the crazy boyfriend unfeeling and a number of both worlds.

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : What crap is this ?!?!?

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