Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sherman Chung celebrate he fans gathering birthday with fans,personally made pizzas for them

June 20th is the birthday of EEG singer Sherman Chung,she said that they find time to celebrate with the fans, take the opportunity to meet some. Sherman to thank a group to support her fans early in the morning to contact the restaurant to arrange the materials so that she personally made a pizza fans who attended to the day. Sherman is usually very little cooking, so the invited BOY'Z,Steven Cheung as a birthday guests can teach. Fans to see the Sherman personally to complete the pizza is very excited, camera Zhigu not willing to reach out for eating, Sherman see, they take the initiative to be distributed to everyone is a fan, very sweet !

Q & A session, Sherman answered a lot of fans prepared, which fans most is the shape of Sherman, because we are very fond of the Sherman amazing shape, we hope Sherman can be revealed that the shape of the new album is what more fans on the spot with Sherman to take hair advice !Period, Sherman took the initiative to care about the students who are preparing for the exam fans more to cheer for them, hope that the bit can get good results !

After the event, Sherman said : "Really very grateful all the fans I would never betray with my left year, mid-birthday drainage to help me out to a birthday party, so this year, want to get things up, the whole under thank drainage to !Tight summer vacation will be a Cantonese dish, and due with only disc one of the preparatory left Wushao time image own Zhongyi, so are very much looking forward to !"

Credits : EEG

Mini Kenny ??

Credits : Kenny's Instagram
Personal Notes : So that's mini Kenny ??Then,the black shirt one is sure Steven....


Credits  : 張文慈's Weibo

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Kenny's Travelogue Updated Picture

Credits : Kenny's Instagram
Personal Notes : LOL at his spectacles...

Cute Steven XD

Credits : Poon Siu Wai's Facebook
Personal Notes : I like how Steven pose XD

Monday, 25 June 2012

Sherman Chung sent home to feed Steven

Sherman Chung rumored ex-boyfriend Steven Cheung turn tart success, it was learned she was each other sincerely touched, they quietly chicken to play the composite.Recently,Sherman food delivery on the studio to feed her boyfriend, by painting the name of the genuine secret, kept it from an underground.

Sherman and Steven for the same EEG's singers night relative tarts,2008 was revealed in public housing cohabitation, but was young and frivolous,Steven loves to play more than work, the results break up end.Until recent years the man finally enlightened and whole-heartedly work, restructuring and Kenny Kwan from Boy'z break music with friends, a joint venture to open the studio, obviously by nature a lot.

Yeah know wipe mouth

It is understood that Steven broke up with Sherman for many years, but still feel her best to turn over his make hoop burning action, and finally Sherman, moved by their sincerity. The message refers to the two static penis turned tart earlier they came the Steven through Instagram to Sherman to marry, but both denied. However, Steven studio recently on a newspaper photograph Sherman food delivery, they love rekindled off.

The day wearing a hat dressed low-key Sherman appeared in San Po Kong Factory Area studio downstairs takeaway,Steven bought dumplings,vegetable rice, noodles, drinks, large bags of food, I saw her, willing to do take-away girl comfort her boyfriend, Steven personally open the door to greet Sherman.The two sat buried in the corner of eat slowly, Sherman, see her boyfriend food to greasy mouthful handed him a tissue, that is considerate, and she is 100 points girlfriend.

To teach girlfriend painting

After Sherman put on aprons incarnation boss in the studio finishing brushes, paint, and took the opportunity of painting masterpiece.Sherman will be held in the exhibition, it has frequently obsessed with painting, Steven also do boyfriend responsibilities on giving advice and called the partner pointing girlfriend. Sherman to leave when he heard Steven said : "Painting generous sister give me my belt back home and friends !"Steven moved cartoon portrait pro to send his girlfriend to take the lift to leave.

Credits : On.CC

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sweets smiles on Kenny's face XD

Credits : Cao Xin Yue's Weibo
Personal Notes : The smile  was so sweet and he look so handsome here !!I love the picture so much !!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Someone sleeping,so cute !!

Credits : Zhao Li Ying's Weibo
Personal Notes : OMG...............he's way too cute !!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Steven @ Sherman Chung's Birthday Party

Credits : YankeeW

Sherman Chung's birthday cook for comfort fans

Sherman Chung "birthday", recently a group of fans held a birthday party for her, she cook the whole pizza for fans, but also find combination BOY'Z member of Steven Cheung to assist but the fans are not willing to eat the finished products, only take pictures, and finally to the Sherman take the initiative and give them. She did not forget to cheer for quick examination of the fans and thanks : "Thank you for you to abandoned to me !"It was disclosed that the summer will be out of Guangdong dish dish image design is single-handedly by her.

Credits : On.CC

Sherman Chung pro-whole pizza celebration birthday

Today is the Sherman Chung's 28-year-old birthday,her party to celebrate with the fans,does not avoid arousing suspicion,please pass turned tart Steven Cheung as guest, to thank the fans for many years abandoned to support Sherman, hands the whole pizza to fans to taste, however weekdays kitchen Steven sidelines pointing, the results of the fans eat with relish, made ​​her very happy.

Credits : On.CC

Steven @ Sherman Chung's Fans Gathering Birthday Party

Credits : Steven's Instagram,Steven Cheung's Official Fan Club,Elanne Kwong's Weibo,Sherman Chung's Weibo & Sherman Chung Official Fan Club's Weibo
Personal Notes : Happy birthday Sherman !!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Steven Cheung received an invitation from secondary school football for presenters with students

Steven Cheung was invited guests of honor for the football game is the competition held at the University of Hong Kong, Stanley Ho Sports Centre simulation grass football field, the teams in addition to home team Kiangsu-Chekiang College, SKH Leung Kwai Yee Secondary School and Sai Kung District team, the event invited for the first time Liverpool (Guangzhou) football school all the way from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to the scene and a public "Hong Kong presenter" a higher, the fighting is very intense.

Steven was not good at football,avid runner Steven actually watching the game during the unconsciously ran up,can be regarded as enough to prepare for the trail walker held in November.Steven said : "In recent years, fell in love with to do exercise,my weight with three catholics reported left together participants trailwalker 100 km, the challenge in the past, most fresh fruit they are all run half marathon loud noise, I must break its own record , challenging 42 km generous full marathon !"When the prize presentation ceremony after the end of all athletes are clamoring to keep Steven take pictures, a number of loan students are especially enthusiastic, and the results of the audience mix, lively atmosphere !

Credits : EEG

追鱼传奇 Updated Filming Picture

Credits : 难得JXY's Weibo
Personal Notes : That's sure Kenny...I think there's there different ancient costumes for him in this was the one with spots...the blue one,another one was the scholar one,and this one...was the third one,brown ones...

At HK departure ??Or Malaysia departure ?

That's probaly Steven and could refer to the cap...

Credits : 蘇三su3's Weibo
Personal Notes : Not sure which departure but confirm the both handsome with caps are Steven and Kenny...the red cap refers to Steven while black one is referring to Kenny...

Mainland filming clashes spark Kenny Kwan scoff Maggie old ladies grid

Maggie Lee and Kenny Kwan shooting thrillers became good friends, the two interview each other to burst each other's habits.

Has always been sexy the first line of the cartoon Maggie Lee sudden closure chest transformation of a movie, the first worry is to do the heroine, she partnered with Kenny Kwan in a Mainland thriller "Who In The Mirror" played a couple. Kenny burst two earlier Mainland filming,greedy cool they pose the whole of Maggie owned a large number of drinking water to the site showers wash, forced to control his eating habits, the character of the old ladies' people called trouble. Interview : Dragon graceful jade ? 
Mentioned anything interesting during the two filming,Kenny, that is, the news that Maggie likes the habit of listening to "Night in Shanghai" soon to make fun of her a bitch, aberdeen.

Kenny Kwan said : "Constellation channel good letter,into days classmate girls around buried together to talk about it a constellation,a point, also stresses the night speaking, every evening talk well stop, and with into trunk water of shoot,then wash off the makeup, showers department needs the I and water, very exaggerated, every time I see I eat hamburgers aim to kept bundles  eating habits into the health of the people !"Maggie anti refers Kenny lies so often say that lying uh drainage.

Shooting local no smoke, and asked the two shooting periods have encountered strange things again and again, Maggie immediate reduction to a shrinking shoulder, said : "There! Good to remember some of my girls and go to the toilet together, when the sky is dark pitch-dark,torch lighting, toilet system is very old and eerie, I on the way to listen to pour a low man speaking in Mandarin the sentence "flavored", scared I instantly fled !"

Credits : hkdeadline

Twins hold the field of male version of Gillian as a man insulator

Credits : hisoing

Saturday, 16 June 2012

追鱼传奇 Updated Filming Pictures

Credits : 糖糖-dan's Weibo

追鱼传奇 Updated Filming Picture

Credits : 爱爱大爷系我LF's Weibo
Personal Notes : What are they doing in the same place ??

Airing The Legend of Swordman in Malaysia

Malaysia fans,The Legend of Swordman will air in Astro Beyond HD this coming 18,remember to support !!

Sing Pao Daily News 73 Celebration Updated Picture

Credits : 呀燕呀燕's Weibo