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"Who In The Mirror" exposure diagram female lead with the romance suspicion

"Who In The Mirror" Character Relationship Chart

Youth thriller starring a number of popular stars from 牛朝阳 director, Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee,Zhang Jun Han, and Vickie Tsui and other "Who In The Mirror" casts recently exposed character diagram. This is the film for the first time details of the specific relationship between the characters in the film, as well as various roles.Concern is the relationship between the female lead fly ash and wild girl, female two even officially defined as "gay love" for a time led to the fans a wide range thermal conferences and suspicion.

Table a Two-tier Relationship is Now a Huge Suspense Framework

Exposure information in "Who In The Mirror",the audience has learned that a dense film horror point and the cold atmosphere, but little is known about the specific content of the film's story, the role. The film side of said film with multiple transition, many mysteries, if the spoilers, will greatly reduce the pleasure of viewing. The spirit of all the experience of the audience in the theater, the film side, has not to reveal too many things on the video content. The burst character diagram interpretation of the film side is to let the audience be able to advance understanding of a warm-up on the film a huge story structure. Have a basic understanding about the relationship between the role and help the audience quickly into the drama.

Diagram in the figure, the five protagonists 飞烟[Maggie Lee] for the female lead as the center surrounded by four others. 2 arrows to connect the two relations, we found that some roles between the surface relations and the relations of the inner layer double comment. Male two 少锦[Zhang Jun Han] and the relationship of 飞烟 surface relations are "cousins​​",the relationship between the inner layer is the brothers and sisters ambiguous reverie. In addition to the helpless and chaotic five protagonist figure diagram, the movie's biggest "villain" - ghost mirror. Mirror ghost and everyone is extremely simple, is simple, "kill,kill,kill",cold-blooded mentality without leaving a trace of warmth. Below the picture, as well as an unidentified lying body of a woman. Another word next to the body of a woman, and gave the fans throw a new mystery - the real protagonist is not here.

Lesbian Love,Sparked Heated Debate and Suspicion

Subsection figure diagrams lead to a wide range thermal conferences and suspicion, is a video of its new revealing details. In female two 野妹[Vickie Tsui] and the relationship of 飞烟 arrow on the surface of the relationship is written, "the bodyguard", while the inner layer of the relationship even marked "lesbion love". Think of the wild girl role in the poster and trailer before a neutral appearance appearance guess many viewers,野妹 and the relationship of the 飞烟 will not be "lesbion".

Popular speculation on a variety of online, on-chip is no direct answer is given,but this a lot of exposition : "Although the story of the film based on true supernatural events of the early republic of China during the warlord, but as the film to modern audiences, in which we also added some modern elements. may be said that 飞烟 and 野妹 grew up in a good friend.飞烟 is everyone's Miss.野妹,an orphan adopted by the father of 飞烟 ,has been accompanied in 飞烟  around 野妹's martial arts,it also served as a bodyguard duties of 飞烟,野妹 has a deep affection for 飞烟, specifically whether the two "lesbion",the audience thought of the film will have its own sort of understanding in today spluralistic society,a variety of sincere emotion have been people identify with, we believe, June 14, when the audience entered the theater, and heart to read the story "Who In The Mirror",飞烟 and 野妹 impressed., but also make you very surprised. "

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