Sunday, 3 June 2012

Who In The Mirror Synopsis and Aspect

To Frightened Index : Five Stars


The story originated from a horror legend, midnight, point two candles in front of the mirror, the mirror little apple,not to broken skin, you can see - a ghost in the mirror.The early years of the republic, the warlord period.Five beautiful people came to the eerie witch town, explore the legendary "mirror ghost" but a mysterious force to breathe in the mirror,or the tragic death in front of the mirror, mirror on the oozing gurgle blood. Remaining a beautiful according to the legend of the way, came the most bizarre ancient mirror, lit candles, little apple, herself in the mirror, coldly looked at her in the mirror outside. A pale hand in the mirror sticking out ...


Movie recently announced for the first time the official poster.The poster of this section accurately passed two aspect of the film thriller and youth - behind the sexy shock appear ghost in the mirror, both ecstasy and cry.

Credits : hunantv

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