Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mainland filming clashes spark Kenny Kwan scoff Maggie old ladies grid

Maggie Lee and Kenny Kwan shooting thrillers became good friends, the two interview each other to burst each other's habits.

Has always been sexy the first line of the cartoon Maggie Lee sudden closure chest transformation of a movie, the first worry is to do the heroine, she partnered with Kenny Kwan in a Mainland thriller "Who In The Mirror" played a couple. Kenny burst two earlier Mainland filming,greedy cool they pose the whole of Maggie owned a large number of drinking water to the site showers wash, forced to control his eating habits, the character of the old ladies' people called trouble. Interview : Dragon graceful jade ? 
Mentioned anything interesting during the two filming,Kenny, that is, the news that Maggie likes the habit of listening to "Night in Shanghai" soon to make fun of her a bitch, aberdeen.

Kenny Kwan said : "Constellation channel good letter,into days classmate girls around buried together to talk about it a constellation,a point, also stresses the night speaking, every evening talk well stop, and with into trunk water of shoot,then wash off the makeup, showers department needs the I and water, very exaggerated, every time I see I eat hamburgers aim to kept bundles  eating habits into the health of the people !"Maggie anti refers Kenny lies so often say that lying uh drainage.

Shooting local no smoke, and asked the two shooting periods have encountered strange things again and again, Maggie immediate reduction to a shrinking shoulder, said : "There! Good to remember some of my girls and go to the toilet together, when the sky is dark pitch-dark,torch lighting, toilet system is very old and eerie, I on the way to listen to pour a low man speaking in Mandarin the sentence "flavored", scared I instantly fled !"

Credits : hkdeadline

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