Saturday, 2 June 2012

"Mirror Girl" too angered "Who In The Mirror" chest device struck

21 posters have been released, as well as trailers,hot click, the upcoming June 14, landing the youth of the national cinema thriller "Who In The Mirror" most of the main characters are met with the audience.Unexpectedly,this horror film about the mirror ghost killings,actually an accident with a red number of "mirror girl". Is to pose large poster of main characters,or in the trailer for a glimpse of a supporting role, and an actress are very hot body. That a lot of friends joked : "Who In The Mirror" is not necessarily the most aggressive is the mirror ghost, but rather this group of hot "mirror girl" chest will not firm male audience in such a chest attack estimated that even before the mirror ghost out of scary, you have nosebleed excessive syncope it."

"Who In The Mirror" the female lead actor Maggie Lee, is a soft-mode identity in Hong Kong debut.Height of 1.72 m and 34D proud, for the first time a model, it aroused the concern of the Hong Kong entertainment, and was preceded by the title of "cartoon Maggie". Two other starring Vicki Tsui and Shania are both sweet, teen idol route,never show his sexy attitude, but in "Who In The Mirror" respectively put the clothing group for its carefully selected shirt and cheongsam, the audience will find the figure of the two original even such a stick, do not lose in any model.

Substantially raised the "Who In The Mirror" sexy index but also a few film design is an important group of old Shanghai beauty of the four. The identity of the four actors, namely the Internet and media celebrities, sexy models, the college new and cross-sweet sister. Not the same style as the sexy hot. Last year, "Who In The Mirror" after the publication of the exposure of the news of the actor, there were a lot of industry crew have contact film actors assistant director, sounded out the schedule of four new "Who In The Mirror" release in June 14, the "mirror girl" sexy hot will form the most beautiful theater in a landscape. Then the audience to do to prepare themselves, not because of your beloved "mirror girl" in the film misfortune and heartbreak refractory Oh​​.

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